How SimiCart create top-quality mobile apps for customers

Magento 2 mobile building

Build app

Magento mobile integration

Integrate app to webstore

Magento 2 app publish

Publish app to app stores

Magento mobile app development
Step 1: Integrate
  • Install SimiCart Connector into your website
  • Copy and paste the Secret Key in Integration section of your Dashboard into General Settings in your Magento backend, and click Save
Step 2: Build app
  • Select a theme for your app: Default Theme, Matrix Theme, Zara Theme
  • Fill in app information: app name, logo, icon, splash screen image...
  • Enable/Disable app features
  • Customize the app to your specific requirements
Step 3: Publish app
  • You can choose to submit app under SimiCart account or your own account
  • Submit app to Apple Store (iTunes)
  • Submit app to Google Play

When your app gets approved (after 3 days on Google Play and 10 days on Apple Store), your customers can download the app and use it.

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