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Product Video

Product Video

Product Video lets you add one or more videos to your product detail page, providing customers with more information about the product and help them get to know the product better.

Allow your potential customers to get a better view of product showcase video on your YouTube Channel. YouTube is one of our latest features, which can help you improve your sales more effectively. It works this way: This feature of SimiCart apps enables merchants to post video on the product description area. Videos provide customers with much more information about the products, which helps customers get to know the products better. As a result, your conversion must increase rapidly.

Once you use YouTube Integration feature, the viewers immediately spend more time on your app. Moreover, they are able to share the video to many other social channels, which helps your brand reach more potential customers.

Using SimiCart products means your own YouTube Integration feature. Do not worry if you have no coding knowledge because everything has been done for you. Customization just takes you some minutes.

YouTube Integration feature - Trendy, Quick and Timesaving!

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