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Smart Banner

SimiCart Smart Banner adds a small rectangular banner on top of the mobile website screen to inform and drive users to install your native app. The banner consists of the app logo, app name, developer/company name, a brief call-to-action text, and a button that leads user directly to the app’s installation page on Apple App Store (if it’s iOS) and Google Play Store (if it’s Android).

Smart Banner is a great way to take advantage of your web traffic and convert them into app users. Not only is it a seamless way to drive users to your app, it’s proven to convert high-quality users that will engage with and keep your app. According to Apple:

Smart App Banners vastly improve users’ browsing experience compared to other promotional methods. Users will trust that tapping the banner will take them to the App Store and not a third-party advertisement. They will appreciate that banners are presented unobtrusively at the top of a webpage, instead of as a full-screen ad interrupting the web content. And with a large and prominent close button, a banner is easy for users to dismiss.

Whenever users visit your site from their mobile devices, they will see the Smart Banner right away and will keep seeing it until they click the install button or tap the “x” mark to close it down.

The banner itself is non-sticky, which means it scrolls along with the web page when users scroll up and down. This is important since users can easily feel annoyed with a banner that’s stuck at the top of their screen all the time, and consequently, they’ll leave your website for good.

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