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Native App

Native App (Native Application) is the most popular application which can provide the fastest performance as well as a high degree of reliability. It helps your app reach to multiple folders of the phone, work smoothly without any connection and more.

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To figure out how to improve conversion rate, you need to understand customers' behavior through detail report on app downloads, conversion rate, time on site… the app is integrated with Google Analytics so it can help you track app performance and understand customers' insight..

Create native app for magento website

Native App is coded in a specific programming language to run only on the operating system of a certain device and you need re-adjust it if you want this app to run on different devices. Using Native App means you will get a great deal of benefits, they are:.

    • You can get notifications even when you power off your devices. This feature is very important in mobile shopping apps (for example, your customers will never miss any latest news about promotions, new arrivals…) and many other social media apps..
    • Native App is specifically designed for the device so its speed, performance, security and ease of user are much better than the web-based app.
    • Native App users do not have to remember complex access links (domain name) and the speed of loading interface in native applications is less than in the the web or mobile sites.