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Your customers can "communicate" with your app in their most familiar languages. And they can choose the language themselve, how cool! This feature can bring about best shopping experience ever!

If you run your business in different countries or regions and target customers using different languages, multi-language is must-have for your app. Your customers can decide the language in which the app is displayed. This feature helps your app satisfy many customers. Imagine how cool and easy your customers feel if they can make purchase in their most familiar languages.

Also, SimiCart supports all language, even RTL (right-to-left) language so the app can be displayed in any language you are looking for.

Have a look at what Multi-language bring you:

  • App can be displayed in different language
  • Customers can choose the language to show.
  • Easy to configure in backend and in customer panel.
  • All languages are supported.
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