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Instant Contact

Customers want to make a call, send a message or email your store for more information about a product. They want to do it instantly by tapping a button. And now Instant Contact can help them.

Dreaming of a Contact page for your mobile app, with your own branded color, a mobile-optimized interface and the latest feature: allowing customers to call/message, email, visit your website…? Instant Contact can make your dream comes true!

  • Customers do not have to fill a long form on the website when they want to contact you. Once they have smartphones, Instant Contact feature can help them keep in touch with the online store with only one tap.
  • You have no idea about Magento mobile app coding but you still get on well with SimiCart products, especially Instant Contact. Non-complex configuration helps you to get the better result in a shorter time.
  • Many other outstanding features: Grid and list layout support; Allow multiple emails and phone numbers; Select display style of icons in app; Select color of icons displayed in app, etc.
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