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High-converting features to keep your customers engaged from discovery to checkout

Instant App
Instant App gives users instant access to your native mobile app on Android phone without installing them from the Play Store. With one tap on the link, it takes only seconds for user to experience native app in beautiful interface, high performance and great capabilities.

Did you know that people can now use your app without installing it?

Instant App, a new technology by Google, has made that possible on Android devices. Instant App with all the strengths of native app - while blurring the issue of app discovery, is now the fastest way to deliver app content to new users. SimiCart is among the first providers to bring a truly pioneer experience with Instant App.

Take a closer look at Instant App to find out how it makes app marketers' job easier:

1. Convert new users fast and easily: 

New users don't have to install the app from Play Store, they can experience it with just one tap to launch the instant app immediately. By saving their time and effort to discover your app, your chance to convert new leads into your customers is higher than ever!

2. Unlock native shopping experience: 

Instant apps offer the closet shopping experience to native apps: beautiful interface, high-converting features and great performance across multiple devices. Once users are exposed to the value and usefulness of your app, it's time to prompt them to download your app.  

3. Unlimited visibility to a large audience: 

With this functionality, your Android app is now accessible for a huge number of mobile shoppers from any location supporting URLs like search engine results, emails, messages, post and comments on social media, forums,..