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Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect enables your customers to quickly login to your app and purchase their desired items via Facebook account, like, share or comment about any products that catch their attention on the most popular social channels. And more powerful tools: Facebook App Links and Facebook Analytics.

As you can see, Facebook is one of the biggest social networks, which have a huge number of users. It would be a huge win if you can make use of this benefit and promote your app to a large audience on Facebook.

So how does Facebook Connect work?

Facebook Login enables customers to login to your app using their Facebook accounts, like and comment on products, and share products on their own wall or with their friends:

  • Login to check out under existing facebook account is extremely convenient for your customers who are new to your app. As facebook login lets them start using your app quickly and easily, they'll enjoy more personalized and meaningful experiences.This feature offers the ability to login with Facebook to reduce frustration and improve the overall user experience for your app.
  • Enabling customers to like and comment on your products increases user interaction, which reportedly boost awareness and lead conversion.
  • Facebook Share lets users add a personalized message to links before sharing their favourite products on their timeline, in groups, or to their friends. People who see this shared item and click on it, with the help of Facebook App Links, will be linked back directly to the product detail page on your app, or to your app listings on app store if they haven’t installed your app yet.

Facebook App Links can direct customers from Facebook straight to a specific content in your mobile app.

  • If someone shares a story on Facebook with content from your app, people can click on the story to view the content in your app. If they haven’t installed your app, they will be redirected to app stores where they can download your app
  • Consumer studies show that around 60% of app discovery happens through social recommendation, that is, through links that are posted to channels like Facebook.
  • Facebook App Links also works on Facebook Messenger, which is a much more private, personal and direct way to share information and recommendation.

Facebook Analytics shows you how people engage with your business across devices, platforms and websites so you can get a clear picture of your customer activity.

  • Explore the key actions that people take in your app: launching app, product search, add to cart, placing order,.. 
  • Measure your business with data on customers, orders, revenue and purchase behavior.
  • Set up funnels to measure conversion and find out where people have barriers to purchasing.
  • Get deep customer insights:  age, gender, location, interests and more


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