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Credit Card Saved

Credit Card Saved seems to be a must-have feature of any mobile shopping apps.

Credit Card Saved Payment Method  - Logo

SimiCart supports many payment methods and one of these is Credit Card Saved.

Credit Card Saved Payment Method - Select PAyment method Select Credit Card Saved from the list of payment methods.
Credit Card Saved Payment Method - First time working For the first time working with this feature, customers have to enter some required information for credit card.
Credit Card Saved Payment Method - Choose saved credit card Every customer can choose to use saved credit card or add a new one for payment.

From now on, customers do not have to find for credit cards or remember credit card information when they check out in your mobile shopping app. With Credit Cart Saved, buyers only need to edit credit information for the first time then used saved data forever. The data can be saved and synchronized on server.

How does this feature work?

For the first time of checkout, customer needs to enter card information: Choosing card provider; Enter card number, expire date and CVV. CVV is an optional selection. You can turn on or turn off this function for security. With this information, payment system will automatically manage the transaction and money will be transferred to the seller’s bank account.

After that, you can use this saved card information, remove it or add another credit card.