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Quick Checkout

Your customers can easily checkout as guests, existing or new customers. When experiencing quick & smooth checkout process, they will no longer abandon any carts

Think about the time customers need to spend everytime when they purchase something in your mobile shopping app and you will realize that: Nobody wants to fill an information form again and again.

Be aware of this fact, SimiCart has developed Checkout Information Management feature, which add more power to your shopping app by setting the displays for customers' address, information fields, terms and conditions management. It not only enables you to show or hide customers' information fields in Checkout Page but also helps you to create and edit the content of the terms and conditions.

Why don’t we have a check for how Checkout Information Management feature can help?

For Customers:

  • Allow checkout as Guest.
  • Save more time when checking out, only fill in the required information.

For Admin:

  • Allow enabling/disabling unnecessary customer information fields in checkout.
  • Allow choosing filling options for Customer Information fields: Required (obliged to fill in), Optional (not compulsory), Hide (disable the field).
  • Allow changes to the terms and conditions by entering HTML codes.
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