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QR/Barcode Scanner

QR/Barcode Scanner

It takes your customers only one second to find their desired products by scanning QR or Barcode.

QR/Barcode Scanner acts as an in-app camera that scans and recognizes QR codes & barcodes which are registered in your Magento backend.
Upon scanning completion, customers will be redirected to the corresponding product pages to continue their buying journey.

Outstanding Features:

  • Easy to use – just hold mobile device up to frame the code and scan.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Supports IOS and Android.
  • Create barcodes and QR codes for an unlimited amount of products.
  • Configure barcodes and QR codes for all types of Magento products (simple, configurable, …etc).
  • Allow customers to easily scan barcodes using the app and be redirected to a product detail page.
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