Checkout information management - Monthly

Customers are always sensitive with time. They sometimes don't like filling in too many fields in checkout process. So why not use our plugin to solve this problem? You will be impressed with faster checkout and the added sales it brings.
$2.99 / month
(*) This plugin only works on SimiCart app. You need to purchase SimiCart to get this plugin.


Your app would be soon moved to black list or uninstall if your clients have to fill in the same information everytime they purchase. It's so annoying!

Be aware of this fact, SimiCart has developed CIM features which could satisfy the requirements of both app-owners and app-users. Customers now have multi choices to check out as existing customers which can save all of their addresses, or even as new one or a guest. And store owners not only be able to hide or set required for any fields in checkout process but also allow them to create and edit content of Terms and Conditions.

Outstanding Features

    For Customers

  • Allow checkout as Guest.
  • Save time when checking out, only fill in the required information.

    For Admin

  • Allow set Required (obliged to fill in)/ Optional (not compulsory) or Hide (disable) any fields in checkout.
  • Allows changes to the terms and conditions by entering HTML codes.


  • Easy to Installation and Configuration
  • User-friendly interface

Useful Documentations

  • Checkout Information Management Download File
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