boost-mobile-customer-assistanceIt is an indispensable trend for businesses to try to boost their mobile customer assistance everyday and these are 5 tips for your business to do it!

Why do you need to boost your mobile customer assistance?

Customer assistance is an important part of customer service. Besides such general benefits of customer service as give your customers supports about the products or services provided, enhance customer engagement and improve your business competitiveness, customer assistance can also help you gain credit from customers.

Mobile customer assistance is the activities of customer assistance via mobile, a channel which has been favored by most of the consumers in recent years. So it is an indispensable trend for businesses to try to boost their mobile customer assistance everyday.

5 pieces of advice from experts to boost your mobile customer assistance

1. Provide FAQsboost-mobile-customer-assistance-faqs

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question. So FAQs are a list of answers to common questions from users. Why do you need FAQs? More than 90 percent of consumers admit that they prefer using an available knowledge base in advance to chatting directly with customer assistants. Remember to make it as easy as possible for your customer to get access to your FAQs via mobile. For example, you can provide a list of FAQs which is easily searchable and include the related questions or responses as a reference for your customers. It not only gives your customers a favorable condition when they need supports but also helps you to boost your mobile customer assistance.

2. Personalize the customer experiencesmobile-customer-assistance-personalize

Everyone  expects to be given the personalized experiences, especially in shopping. This is still true with mobile customer assistance because different customers need different kinds of help. While some customers have trouble with technical issues, some others need supporting accounts. So it is necessary for you to personalize your customer experiences with your mobile customer assistance to make them feel that they are really of your interest when getting in trouble. This will make a positive impression on the consumers and will boost your mobile customer assistance.

3. Resolve issues quicklyboost-mobile-customer-assistance-resolve-issues

A research has revealed that over 70 percent of customers who need supports hope to find a solution to their issues in no more than 5 minutes. In comparison with emails which takes a lot of time to get a response and websites which you need a computer or a laptop to get access to, mobile customer assistance is much quicker and more convenient. So to optimize user experience and take advantage of speed and convenience to boost mobile customer assistance, you should pay attention to your customers’ problems to resolve them as quickly as possible. This will surely be highly appreciated by your customers.

4. Be friendlyboost-mobile-customer-assistance-be-friendly

Don’t make your customers feel like they are working with a machine or robot. Let your customer assistants talk with your customers friendly to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, the interface of your mobile site should be also friendly to make it easier and simpler for your customers to get access to help.

5. Innovate in solving problemsboost-mobile-customer-assistance-innovation

Innovation is always a key point to create competitive advantages in comparison with competitors and it should be applied every step of your business. Innovating in handling customers’ problems to enhance their experiences and help your customers find the solution to their issues in the fastest way will show that you really take care of the consumers and then boost your mobile customer assistance.

In general, the advice of experts is to take your sincere care of your customers and their issues, which is shown through the 5 above tips. They will be highly appreciated by your customers and then boost your mobile customer assistance.

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