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3 Best Mobile Usability Testing Tools

The UX (User Experience) has always been held in high regard in the eCommerce industry, especially at a time like these when mobile friendliness matters more than most. And to effectively evaluate your website’s mobile usability, there are currently tools that can help you with that. 

Below are 3 of the most effective and trustworthy mobile usability testing tool that we have carefully selected for you:

3 most popular mobile usability testing tools

1. Userzoom

Userzoom - Mobile Usuability Testing Tool

Why Userzoom? Userzoom contains a wide set of functionalities that are effective at testing your app’s mobile capabilities. Its features include task-based surveys, tree testing, screenshot testing, card testing and general survey, all of which combined to help provide:

  • An all-in-one solution for businesses
  • A complete analysis of your website


  • Offer a wider variety of tests 
  • Great customer services
  • Can be used before your site go live


  • High entry price
  • Hard to learn

2. UsabilityHub

Usabilityhub - Mobile Usuability Testing Tool

UsabilityHub is one of the more promising apps that seems to be flooded with positive reviews lately. The app is all-around decent with some notable features such as:

  • Click Test – a straightaway test in which users are required to click on object(s) to complete the task
    • Five Second Test – Users are shown your project for five seconds, followed by are questions based on what they saw
    • Question Test – Users are asked a series of questions after seeing your project
    • Preference Test – Users are asked what they prefer
    • Navigation Test – Users are asked to go through a design sequence..


  • Simple tests
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Low in prices


  • Oversimplified tests
  • Limited number of tests

3. UXCam

UXCam - Mobile Usuability Testing Tool

Compared to the other two, UXCam is unique in a way that it specializes in delivering insights from the end-user perspective; data gathered from which can then be used to better current user experience and boost retention rates.

UXCam features include:

  • Session replay
  • Advanced & Full screen replay
  • Crash recording
  • Heatmaps
  • User Analysis
  • Screen Analysis

UXCam is available for both Android and iOS and access to all features is included in the first 14 days of your trial. UXCam also offers a free package which allows up to 2500 recordings of sessions per month.


  • Wide variety of tests.
  • Niche features.
  • Free/Trial version available


  • No qualitative analysis.

In conclusion

While having its faults, the tools listed above are the current best tools that you could find when it comes to mobile usability testing. Alternatively, Magento merchants could always rely on solution-provider and analysissuch as SimiCart for an easier time dealing with User Experience. 

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I find my inspiration in writing about technology and all about mobile commerce and making readers feel enriched with beneficial information is my job.

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Ayushi Patel
2 years ago

What an amazing guide you share on the most popular mobile usability testing tool. I appreciate your effort to write this post. Thanks for the great share. I will share it with the developers.