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Warning: Your Magento folder does not have sufficient write permissions


When you install an extension or a theme in Magento 2, you may get the error “Warning: Your Magento folder does not have sufficient write permissions“. Most of the time this error occurs when the installation is performed via Magento Connect.


To solve this error, you need to grant permission for your Magento 2 installation folder.

  1. Open your command line tool (SSH or Terminal)
    magento server login
  2. Go to your Magento 2 root folder, then grant write permission for it using sudo. In this example, I use this command to grant write permission for my folder named magento2:
    sudo chmod -R 755 magento2

    magento permission issue

  3. After granting permission is done, go back to Magento Connect and re-install your extension or theme.


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