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Using Magento Barcode Scanner to Boost Your Sales

Today barcode scanning has become invaluable in the effort of businesses to improve shopping experience by harnessing the ability to transfer data to users instantly. The rise of smartphone usage allows for a faster and more convenient method of scanning, while barcode has earned its place in the ecommerce world. This technology has been widely adopted by businesses due to its increasing benefits for ecommerce.

What is Barcode?

Barcode is the compression of information in a visual model that can be read by machine in an instant, saving time on inventory management and in-store checkouts. Barcodes are used for target tracking information, product quality, the amount sold, increasing efficiency and speed of payment.

There are two types of barcodes – linear and 2D.

The most common linear barcode, UPC (Universal Product Code), consisting of two parts: the barcode and 12-digit group. The first six digits are the code of the manufacturer. The next digits show information of the item. The last number is used to check if its vehicle information is accurate or not.

2D barcodes are more complex as they can store a larger amount of information in a limited space. This results from the difference between how data is represented: linear barcode are one-dimensional while 2D barcode can be read horizontally and vertically, which provides more space for data. QR code is the most popular example of 2D barcode, which can store up to 7100 characters of data.

How businesses can benefit from Barcode Scanning

Inventory management

Inventory is one of the most important and hard to manage aspects of any business. As the business grows, inventory management becomes increasingly time consuming and tedious without a comprehensive barcode system. By automating data entry, barcode scanning can eliminate manual process and speed up operations for businesses that are able to capitalize on it. The use of barcode in inventory management is a huge help for both online and physical stores. With much accuracy and efficiency, this can greatly reduce time, efforts and errors in keeping the stock levels updated across multiple locations.

Redirect in-store customers to online stores

Using mobile in-store to research products and inform purchase decision has become a major trend among shoppers. When in-store shoppers have questions about the product, most of them turn to their mobile devices for the information they need, instead of consulting a store associate. Smartphones provide a convenient and unbiased way to compare products, pricing, read reviews and find detailed product information while they’re in stores.

This provides an opportunity for ecommerce businesses to win in-store customers before they even reach cashier. Incorporating scannable codes into products is the best way to achieve this. Any customer with a mobile device can easily scan them and go directly to the online shop. By helping customers get the information they need quickly, businesses can increase the chance to boost in-store sales and online engagement at the same time.

Support marketing campaigns

One of the most common ways to make use of barcode is to offer coupons and deals. Scannable codes can be embedded in physical displays to promote your campaign at events and venues. With barcodes, businesses can direct customers with mobile devices to promotional offers on their online store. This can help attract more customers to join your campaign and easily redeem offers using their smartphones.

Barcodes also allow businesses to track marketing campaigns and measure their efficiency by immediately providing data on the quantity, frequency and time of scans.

Magento Barcode Scanner for mobile shopping apps

simicart qr/barcode scanner

Magento Barcode Scanner by SimiCart is the best example for Magento businesses to engage customers from physical stores to their online presence. This plugin can be an excellent tool to streamline shopping experience with minimal effort:

  • Easy-to use: Customers can simply hold the mobile device up to frame the code and scan. Barcode scanner eliminates the need for to users to do manual search by quickly directing them to product pages and increasing engagement for your online store.
  • Support Android & iOS: compatible with two most popular operating systems, covering more than 95% of users.
  • Unlimited code generation: Admin can create an unlimited number of Barcodes / QR codes and manage them easily from the backend.
  • Full Magento integration: Barcode scanner support all types of Magento product (simple, configurable,..)
  • Increase engagement: Using Barcode/ QR code to drive traffic to your online store and effortlessly engage them in the app.

Take advantage of this technology, Magento merchants can efficiently create out-of-the-box marketing campaigns and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience that boost sales.


Marketing Executive/ Product Designer at SimiCart

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3 years ago

I imagine it is an extension which allow customers shop in store by scanning barcode. If so , Hi Team, can i have a quote for this feature? thanks