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Magento Turpentine-Varnish Cache Tutorial

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Welcome back to another SimiCart’s technical tutorial. This guide will show you how to configure Turpentine-Varnish Cache. This is an extension that allows you to do a full page cache. You can try to search for the extension on Google and install it.

Step 1

Log-in to your Magento Admin Panel and navigate to System > Configuration > TURPENTINE (in the left menu) > Varnish Options

Magento varnish options

Step 2

  1. In the the Varnish Options window, make your configuration as the below parameters of General Options and click Save Config.

    Magento varnish settings

  2. In the Servers window, please insert your own Varnish Authentication Key (from the provider) with \n at the end and click Save Config.
    Magento varnish key

Step 3

Navigate to Caching Options > Backend

Magento caching option

  1. Navigate to Normalization Options and make your configuration as the following and leave out the other options:

    • Normalize Encoding = Enable
    • Normalize User-Agent = Disable
    • Normalize Host = Disable

    Navigate to TTls and configure as the following:

    • Set Grace Period (seconds) = 15
    • Set Default Page TTL (seconds) = 3600
    • Set Static File TTL (seconds) = 28800
  1. In the URL-based Caching, Parameter-based Caching, Static Caching and Maintenance Mode window, make your configuration as below
    Magento URL cachingMagento parameter cachingMagento static cachingMagento maintenance mode
  2. When you have done with all of your configuration, click Save Config to complete your Magento Caching process.

*** NOTE:

  • In order to work varnish with SSL connection, please navigate to System > Configuration > Web. In the Secure window fill SSL-OFFLOADED into Offloader header field then click Save Config.
    Magento with SSL
  • Clear your Magento Admin and SSH cache and check if you see x-cache: HIT under the headers field in order to verify if varnish is working.

Magento x-cache

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