[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]It was a disaster 1 month ago

Actually I got some trouble with my business in Alabama over the last 30 days. My girls kicked me out , my dog died suddenly and my sales suffered from terrible downturn while I didn’t know why. “Damn, God! I’m on my way to hell now”, that  was what I thought when I looked at 4000 cutie toys I had ordered for Halloween. As normal, they would be out of stock by Thanksgiving. However, just a few were purchased and some customers even canceled their orders.

My freaky bad luck lasted in 3 days and  a half until I found out…

My customers were stolen….  One by one…

This super sophisticated crime had started 1 week before my awareness. The nearby adult toy shops used  cold calling , texting and set lower price than mine. Customers fell pray to their scheme and turn their backs on my store even though they are loyal ones. At that time, shocked by this terrible finding, I swore to God to make them cry to tears this Thanksgiving and set up a scheme to get back what I deserved to have.

Well, sometimes It lasted in luck!

If I kept using my traditional way to sell my “toys”, I would never be able to beat them up. Well. I had to change my direction. Like Durex had its app called Durex Experiment where people can rate their level of satisfaction after using Durex, I had to make my customers whispered to me every day how satisfied they felt with our “toys”.  But frankly, I can’t email them, or call them to ask them, I need something else.

God blessed me, some months ago, I joined a small game and luckily, I got a free app built for my store (from a company called SimiCart, the app originally costed $199 but i got it FREE) with alot of features : store locating, theme, checkout management, app analytics… I was eager to get my customers download and install my app, however, I didn’t care much about its benefits and only thought it was another channel for shopping. Now, however, as a desperate man afterward, I came up with a plan for this gift from the sky. Watch out others, you would pay off for stealing my customers.

After nights and days thinking about that, I had changed my plan into this:

  1. I would focus on my current and old customers,  and someone who used our “toys” so long ago but hadn’t come back for new products. They had some experience to share with me.
  2. My scheme was to offer free  kick-ass “warm up” oil- favoured stuff of all customers- when they buy my new toys. I also offered them money back if they would not be satisfied.
  3. In fact, they could come for the free gift but in the end, they would be addicted to my new toys (I myself used to try them before and it was terrific)

With this scheme in mind, all I need to do was to set up banners for the app, prepare the categories of products to show up, write some push notification to cheers my customers up with good news :D.

That all came down in preparation

With the plan in mind, I implemented it step by step

  •  Sexy notifications on the go

I got some tips from SimiCart and write notifications on my own.  I got 3 main notice messages. The first one was used to inform to all customers especially recent one. The second one was to remind my long and long time-no-see customers about the new things in our store. And the last one was remind notification sent to them 1 day before the promotion expired. I would measure which notification bring more orders to me to optimize for the next campaign.

After working with SimiCart, I really love pushing notification. It’s really helpful and convenient for me to communicate with customers. From them I got some interesting tips to write a heart-killer message: https://blog.magestore.com/2014/04/16/5-tips-to-utilize-push-notifications-of-mobile-store-app/

Here were my first and second notifications (don’t make fun with them, I got nearly 100 textes to order our “toys” just the first night I sent them).

puh notification

I can create unlimited notifications, thus, if something happens unexpectedly, I can re-write them right away, easily just in my site backend

Magento Admin3-push


  • Catch them with sweetie banners

The notification was just the first thing to get them come back to store. To impress them with the campaign, I decided to add some banners in app. Luckily, I got a good mobile theme for my mobile app and it allows me to put as many  banners I want for the app. It was Matrix theme ( I guess it was inspired by Metro theme of Windows 8 and can’t believe that it was just $49). I got my designer make 2 banners. This theme never let me down with more-than-good layout. Tell me if you like them 😛

SimiCart|Magento in a mobile app

More importantly, I had to showcase the eye-catching products on the home screen so that any customers can see them first. I decided to put bestsellers, most viewed and new toys together. This theme was so beautiful and it was designed to level my products up to the luxury stage. How many of can take your eyes off an mobile app like this. 😛 Me, so genious!

  • Keep them in touch, especially at midnight

The important thing in our business is to get texts and calls from customers to make orders, thus, the more easily they can get me on their phone, the more orders I would get. I’d got to make a good contact page for my dearest customers. And here it was, already in my app. The interesting point was that I could put more than 1 official number. Besides, my customers can send me texts or give me a call via Viber, Whatsapp, or Snapchat… whatever mobile app they have on their mobile just by tapping on some cute buttons. ( it was thank to the plugin called Instant Contact that SimiCart provided me with the app)

SimiCart|Magento mobile app builder

(Hmn, I just had an idea of using some toy icon  instead of  current icons).

  • C’mon, just let Google Analytics do its job:

Actually some months ago, when some friends told me to set up a Google Analytics to measure how effective my store activities were, I would laugh at them. I used to have stupid thought that a small store like mine would never need complicated analytics and without reports, it still brought me big amount of money. I was wrong, though, as without measurement, I had kept doing wrong things and hadn’t noticed that other similar stores did better than me to attract customers. Lesson learned, each cutie element in my store and my app would be installed with tracking code.

Thanks to SimiCart guys, I didn’t need to install the code in mobile app myself, I just need to install App Analytics plug-in provided in my package and filling my ID in. Amazingly, now I can see how many people orders, where they from, which campaign brought them to me and so on.

For this campaign, I also generated its UTM code as below

SimiCart|Magento mobile app

 The importance was to keep tracks of what you were doing

Part 1 ended up with the preparation for the next big day when the campaign started. How exciting it was to wait for things coming out like that.

Other days will be featured in the next posts, let’s subscribe to get updated with this sexiest campaign of mine.


* SimiCart is a solution that helps Magento Merchants build mobile shopping apps.

  • Magento merchants: Our solution is specially designed for Magento platform so you can get all the best features of Magento to apps. If you use a solution for every platform you’remissing many good things.
  • Mobile shopping apps: You will have apps that are coded separately and specifically for iPhone and android. Your customers can search and download your shopping apps from Google Play and Apple stores. And again, such tailored apps will bring the best user experience!  


This is How I Sold Out 4000 Sex Toys in 10 Days by Mobile app (part 1)
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