You have a mobile app in market. Now what? To ensure your app gets discovered and gains popularity, it’s time to take off your Developer cap and think like a Marketer. Today, I’d like to go over some tips/secrets of how to maximize the success potential of your mobile apps.

#1 Narrow down your mobile apps’ market

When building an app, don’t go tapping the entire customer base. The cost would be extremely high and your competitors will take advantage of your mistakes with the first instance of your product.

Instead, start small and build an app for a very narrow audience. Most often, you don’t know whether your app will fly or die and the best validation is when the customers use it.

When you build for a small number of users, you get the opportunity to make your mistakes with only that select audience. You get the chance to enhance your mobile app to cater to your customers’ demands by observing their behavior through analytics and putting those lessons into product enhancement. This will help you to craft a better mobile app.

#2 Get your target customers notified

Push notifications have proven to be effective and by far the most powerful form of marketing that retailers can use to increase your m-Commerce sales. It not only can increase engagement and retention but also lead to more sales.

According to Urban Airship’s Good Push Index (GPI) study, push notifications drive 26% higher app open rates and bring out 92% higher mobile app retention rates.

Moreover, 50% of the people that sign up for push notifications do it in order to gain access to special or exclusive offers. In others words, these people are already looking forward to buying from you.

Sound great? 


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#3 Design a better customer experience 

Try to provide your customers great user experience in your mobile apps. Knowing the rules of what the customer experience is like today before you break them but don’t forget to follow the trend! When came the Facebook app, the whole app world turned upside down. Facebook took the menu, hid it away in a “slide over drawer”and was quickly copied by thousands of apps. Within months, most of the utility apps downloaded featured this very menu, because a “slide over drawer” feels natural and bring better user experience.

Moreover, let’s discover the most important things in your app. Filter out the unnecessary features that can make your mobile apps a mess. If you had to sum your mobile apps up into one feature, what would that be? Now, what’s the second feature? Is there a third? Be unique, be simple. Remember that “Less is more“!

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#4 Be aggressive on social

Have you been looking for a way to reach out to your customers and clients in an easier and more effective way? Then social media solution might be the best solution for you!

Users of social media are very active in checking their profiles and hungry for new trends that excites them especially if they can relate to the content. They are your best target market that could increase your sales.

Beyond the online store where your app is available, setting up the social media presence for your app, you’ll want to create an online environment for fans to congregate, share experiences and interact with your brand. Social media environments such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ serve as an interactive exchange – a two-way communication channel – that lets you hear and respond to your mobile users directly so that  promote the interaction between customers and their friends online as well as play an important role in increasing the transaction rate.

Let’s have a look at the following infographic of social media platforms to see which drive the most sales:

social media increase magento mobile app sales

And last, but certainly not least:

Give them quality. That’s the secret of the most successful mobile apps until these days!

The Secrets of The Most Successful Mobile Apps
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