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SimiCart Join Hands with Mageplaza to Develop Community PWA Studio Extensions

Hello there! Today, we’re excited to announce our recent partnership with Mageplaza, and with this partnership, we hope to contribute to the Magento community by providing extensions for Magento PWA Studio.

Addressing the current challenge within the Magento community

As you might know, PWA Studio is a collection of tools made to make building a PWA storefront easier for Magento developers, as with it developers can make functional PWA-powered websites based on the existing Venia storefront. However, due to technical difficulties, there are not that many ready-made extensions on the market that are compatible with PWA Studio—and this poses a challenge to the Magento community which this partnership aims to solve.

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PWA Studio extensions to make things easier for Magento developers

Being one of the firsts to have gone down the PWA route, we know all too well about PWA Studio and all the technical difficulties that come with it. This is the reason why Mageplaza trusts us with their huge collection of Magento 2 extensions and counts on our add-on modules to help make PWA storefronts a more flexible, more feature-packed solution for Magento merchants.

These add-on modules are installable on top of the corresponding Mageplaza extensions, providing a layer of compatibility between Mageplaza’s extensions and your PWA storefront. This means that configuring your PWA-powered Magento store is now made possible and to the point of effortless, as everything is conveniently managed in the Magento backend.

How PWA Studio extensions are made

We receive GraphQL APIs from our partner, Mageplaza, and using which APIs, we develop add-on modules to make Mageplaza’s extensions compatible with PWA Studio, effectively making them PWA Studio extensions.

How PWA Studio extension works

Are they free?

Our add-on modules are 100% open-source and free to everyone. You need only to own a Mageplaza extension and the corresponding GraphQL package to have everything running.

Our progress so far

Despite only just getting started, our partnership was able to yield fast results. You can start working on integrating PWA Studio extensions into your PWA storefront right now by installing the corresponding add-on modules.

All modules are publicly available on GitHub and have their own frontend demo based on Venia theme.

Shop by Brand
Free Gifts
Product Label
Size Chart

How to install our modules

To make your Mageplaza extension compatible with Magento PWA Studio, you need only to install an add-on module on top of it. The whole process is relatively simple, with detailed installation steps as follow, taking Shop By Brand module as an example:


  • Magento 2.4.* or >= 2.3.5
  • Got Mageplaza Shop By Brand extension and corresponding GraphQL package already installed


1. Init project
npm init @magento/[email protected]

Fill in your project information and cd into it.

2. Start the project

From the root directory of the project you just created above, clone the repository:

git clone ./@simicart/shopbybrand
3. Modify .env

Change the .env MAGENTO_BACKEND_URL with your magento site URL, or use our demo URL:

4. Modify package.json

Modify the dependencies of the project:

"dependencies": {
     "@magento/pwa-buildpack": "~7.0.0",
     "@simicart/shopbybrand": "link:./@simicart/shopbybrand"
5. Install and start project
yarn install && yarn watch

Upon successful installation and some configuration in the backend, this is the end result:

Upcoming extensions

You can be assured that there are a lot more PWA Studio extensions coming your way. We have several extensions in development and will be made available for public use in the near future, as well as a lot more extensions on our waiting list, ready to be made compatible with PWA Studio—so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for more news to come.

PWA Studio extensions coming soon:

  1. Reward Points
  2. Auto Related Products
  3. Gift Card
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