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SimiCart is now an Official Aheadworks Partner


Announcing SimiCart & Aheadworks Partnership

On February 2019, SimiCart has established an authoritative partnership with Aheadworks, the leading provider of Magento extensions to offer a full range of solutions for Magento merchants. Recognized as Magento’s prestigious “Most Innovative Extension Developer Award”, Aheadworks offer the best range of Magento extensions and solutions, combined with great support. Offering 120+ extensions, Aheadwork’s solutions cover all aspects of running a Magento store, including marketing, user experience, store administration, and integration with external services. The quality of Aheadworks extensions is proven by the trust of over 50,000 merchants from all around the world.

SimiCart’s lasting partnership with Aheadworks brings our customers a lot of benefits and opportunities to grow their online business. Adding top quality extensions of Aheadworks to our platform gives SimiCart customers extensive Magento commerce capabilities for their unique business need. With SimiCart license, Magento merchants are empowered with a wide range of built-in Aheadworks solutions. This allows SimiCart customers to quickly delivering on engaging and innovative shopping experience, with minimal cost.

Explore our Aheadworks extension deal

With a SimiCart license, you get the first 5 Aheadworks extension for free. From the purchase of your 6th extension on, we offer 50% off on all Aheadworks extensions.

Take a look at some of the most popular Aheadworks extension made available in our partnership deal:

One Step Checkout for Magento 1 & 2

One Step Checkout extension by Aheadworks introduces the adjustable and performance optimized Magento 2 checkout page, which significantly speeds up the checkout process. The provided checkout page is highly configurable, adjustable to custom themes, and suitable for any device.

Customers can apply gift cards, reward points, store credits, coupon codes, and edit items in their carts directly on the checkout page. The provided one page checkout has little to no distraction elements and features, and the “‘Place Order” button always visible as a call to action.

Store owners can define default values for fields, autodetect countries by customer IPs, take advantage of the automated address suggestions. The built-in reports show the process bottlenecks to be removed and the number of abandoned checkouts to be reduced.

Original price

Magento 1: $159

Magento 2: $299

Layered Navigation for Magento 1 & 2

Layered Navigation extension by Aheadworks improves the native layered navigation functionality with 20+ additional options. Give customers an easy and quick way to find the required products. Fine-tune the default state of each filter (expanded or collapsed). Choose between the single-select (for the category filter only) and multi-select modes. Hide unavailable attributes from a view.

Filter multiselect

Provide customers with more accurate search results with the multi-select mode

Per-filter management

Easily configure the position, default state, sorting order, and more of each filter

Dynamic page reload

Decide when shoppers can reload a page: after each single or multiple filter selects

Original price

Magento 1: $139

Magento 2: $249

Ajax Cart Pro for Magento 1 & 2

Ajax Cart Pro extension by Aheadworks equips the store with an add-to-cart pop-up, which allows to select all the necessary options and add products (even configurable ones!) to cart without leaving the catalogue.

Add-to-cart pop-up for selecting product options without going to product page

Short description, rating and reviews also available from the pop-up

Mobile friendly add-to-cart design adapts depending on a screen type

Works for all product types including bundle, grouped, and configurable products

Integration tests to check if extension functions properly within your environment

Original price

Magento 1: $99

Magento 2: $219

Reward Points for Magento 1 & 2

Reward Points extension by Aheadworks helps involve customers in all the provided activities and achieve a high level of user-friendliness for your store. Protect your store from point hunters by limiting points earned for review posting and social sharing. Apply individual approach to a customer based on their lifetime sales and see them becoming a trusted part of a family.

Custom rates

Establish special earn & spend rates for particular customer groups

Refund to points

Keep money within the store and make customers stay engaged in your loyalty program

Point tracking

Be aware of what your customers are up to by tracking transactions and point balances

Original price

Magento 1: $299

Magento 2: $349

RMA for Magento 1 & 2

The Magento 2 RMA extension provides full control over various areas of the return merchandise authorization process.With it, customers have all the necessary tools for monitoring request processing and interacting with support agents. Store personnel, in turn, are provided with a straightforward, step-by-step process for dealing with RMA requests.

Web API support

RMA request creation via an intuitive submission form

Guest customers can also submit RMA requestsRMA requests created from the backend

Backend management via the step-by-step RMA processing

Two-way notifications for status changes and messages

Canned responses to speed up the communication process

Extension settings for adjusting various workflow elements

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Tool

Original price

Magento 1: $159

Magento 2: $349

Follow Up Email for Magento 1 & 2

Run targeted email marketing campaigns with the Magento 2 Follow Up Email extension! Flexibly manipulate with predefined email sending events and conditions. Track and analyze customer actions with the provided reporting tools. Schedule email chains. Perform A/B testing of emails to choose the best variant.

Original price

Magento 1: $199

Magento 2: $499

Blog for Magento 1 & 2

Blog extension by Aheadworks is a full-featured extension that makes the connection with your customers much stronger. With its rich set of customization options, multiple SEO tools, and powerful content management functionality your Blog is bound to be a hit!

Best SEO practices covering SEO-friendly URLs, XML sitemap, Metadata

Content navigation through categories, tags, and sidebar blocks

DISQUS integration for the comment management

Original price

Magento 1: Free

Magento 2: $39

There are a lot more. Download the full list of Aheadworks extensions available to SimiCart customers here:

SimiCart is now an Official Aheadworks Partner
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