Amazon has applied shocking tips to increase business sales to be ranked the first position in e-retailer over the word. Let’s try them out!

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6.Persuade constantly

How can you persuade visitors of your websites to buy your products? These are the ways Amazon has done:

  • Make an offer that can’t be refused: the related products are provided together with discounts or extra services such as free shipping, it is really an irresistible offer for customers.
  • Use CTA on Buttons: such buttons as Add to cart instead of Buy now or Purchase now can make the significant improvement in online sales. Besides, the Prime logo at the end of information frame of each product also urges the shoppers to become Prime members to get more benefits.Shocking-tips-to-increase-business-sales-CTA-buttons
  • Create a Sense of Urgency: Amazon takes advantage of urgency to encourage online shoppers to take action. Customers can get some products in only restricted time and they must be one of the fastest ones to have the chance of owning the items.

7.Mobile applications

As the biggest retailer in the world in e-commerce, Amazon cannot miss the trend of m-commerce. To keep itself up-to-date, Amazon launched its own app in mobile devices with full function as on website to provide the consumer with the most convenient experience by making on-the-go shopping and take the most advantages of the mobile users, who may become the potential customers. Besides the Amazon app, another app by Amazon is Amazon Kindle which is designed exclusively to serve e-readers and allow them to buy, download and read all the books, magazines,… from Amazon on their own mobile devices. These apps help Amazon to spread their market to the maximum then increase the sales.

Shocking tips to increase business sales mobile apps

8.Build Trust

It is proved that increasing trust can improve customer loyalty by 45%. To utilize customer loyalty to the maximum, Amazon has built the system of review with 5-star ratings and honest reviews from the consumers to share positive feedback of the items. The potential customers will surely be persuaded by other customers rather than by the producers. A change in only a half of a star in ratings can positively or negatively affect the sales of a product. The more positive ratings and reviews the products have, the more attention they draw, the bigger possibility they will be sold.Shocking tips to increase business sales build trust

9.Guide Leads to a Sale

You can see that at the end of the information frame of all items, Amazon includes the Prime logo,  which is quite attractive to the shoppers. Of course, the members of Prime programme are aware of their benefits first. However, with this logo, you can raise other shoppers’ recognition of Prime and encourage them to get the same beneficial deals with the Prime members by getting a Prime membership.Shocking tips to increase business sales prime

10.Be Consistent

A key to remember when running a business is consistency. You cannot make the profit with your business right at the first steps. It maybe takes more than one month, 6 months or even one year to bring more money back to you and increase sales. Look at the case of Amazon, it made no profit at all in the first 6 years and now Amazon is the leading e-retailer in the world. So be consistent and your efforts will be paid off.

In conclusion, Amazon has made amazing steps and applied shocking tips to increase their online sales to be ranked the first position in e-retailer over the word. Above is just 10 of them but they can make a huge contribution to your increasing sales strategy. Let’s apply them right now with your own business and wait for the fantastic results.

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10 Shocking tips to increase business sales as Amazon (Part2)
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