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Halloween is coming so close and sales season is on. When it comes down to sales, mobile commerce is taken into account as 2014 saw the incredible increase up to$114 billion (US market only- as for etc-digital.org) in mobile sales volume.SimiCart/Magento mobile app builder

As in nearest blog about Best Magento mobile optimization methods, we figured out 3 ways to mobilize your website such as: Responsive theme, mobile site theme and mobile app. Despites all pros and cons, they all lead you to mobile! However, choosing the appropriate one will depend more on your demand and the fastest and safest one is normally the chosen one. The problem is how to find  it among 3 above solutions.  Don’t worry, theses below things can help.

1. Define what ‘s in your mind?

Before buying or trying anything new, let’s think about your demand first. What you care the most? Time? Convenience for customers? Budget? Or just only showcase your website into mobile?  Just clarify it before moving forward and searching for what you need.

2. Know exactly what you want most? Let’s find the best suitable way!

a. You need to mobilize your store right away? See what is the fastest way:

CriteriaResponsive themeMobile site themeMobile app
Time for readiness4-5 days ( or even more)5 minutes to 1 day7- 10 days , sometimes weeks
Process4 steps (buy theme, install, configure, customize it)3 steps (Buy theme, install and configure)5 steps (buy, install, configure, create, publish)

Although mobile app can be created in just some minutes (at least with SimiCart– a Magento Mobile App Builder), it needs to be reviewed by App Stores within 5-7 days, therefore it’s quite inconvenient sometimes.
From this above statistic, mobile site is quite a good choice with the shortest time to get the whole package including setup, installation and configuration done. Responsive theme is also a good one, however it will cause the risks since it can conflict with existing extensions in your Magento Websites and need customizing to fit with other website components.

b.You want a fast-loading solution for your site on mobile? Mobile site can help

If loading time is all you care about, well, responsive is not a good choice. A large image with high resolution will take a whole lot of time to show on a tiny mobile screen. How inconvenient it is for your Customers to access a responsive site like that. They will hesitate to enter your site, so be careful with Responsive theme.
Mobile site theme and mobile app, instead, beat responsive theme right away. Take Amazon as an example, after they choose to use mobile  theme, their site load time is reduced by 40%, which makes every customers happy as they can buy more things in a short time.

c. You’re worried about the safety? The safest way is for you.

As you know responsive and mobile site theme are only the theme for your website, therefore, on  mobile, it works only when the site is alive. Thus, if you website is safe, your mobile site and responsive site is also safe.
Mobile app is slightly different, it’ integrated with your Magento sites only, therefore, we need to consider safety of mobile app. However, now we have a safety solution for mobile app, thus, don’t worry that much.

d. It’s all about money. Well, what you should choose is…

Let’s compare the price of 3 solutions, we have done a research on market of mobile site theme, mobile app and responsive theme. Here’s the answer.
SimiCart/Magento mobile theme
As for this chart, mobile site has lowest price and mobile app has the highest one. It is because mobile site and responsive theme can be free and it’s quite less costly to maintain and test new features.  Otherwise, you get what you pay for, mobile app will be better for a long term.
Besides, mobile app can be affordable with a lot of low price solutions like SimiCart (only $199 for one app). To start with, you can totally use Mobile Site Theme ( we also have theme on mobile, you can get it free at  https://www.simicart.com/simi-mobile-site-theme.html)

e. How about conversion rate? A mobile app can boost that for you.

Speaking about conversion rate, it’s not about what you showcase your website only, it also about how to utilize mobile marketing tools. For Responsive and mobile site theme, you can’t make use of mobile optimized features to promote your products easily. Instead, you can take advantage of mobile app.
With special features like push notifications, banners, store locators, you can get customers everywhere on the go, notify them with discount or special offers that you stores are running on.  Thanks to mobile app, conversion rate can increase by at least 40-50% and even to 300%.

3. I want them all. What should I choose?

It’s the most difficult decision to make since you can’t simply choose all of the above methods. However, considering all aspects, mobile site and mobile app can go together. Mobile site can be best to attract new customers to your site but you still need mobile app to retain them to your stores. You can also utilize mobile site to promote your own mobile app.
To start with, you can choose a free mobile site theme and mobile app builder- SimiCart to turn your demand into reality.
Check Simi Mobile Site theme and SimiCart out at:  https://www.simicart.com/

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All roads lead to Mobile. What will you go? The fastest or the safest?
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