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Mobile Technology And Social Media Combination: Recipe For Intensive Mobile Shopping Experience

One of the most important things in launching a mobile shopping app (especially Magento mobile app) is how to create an unforgettable mobile shopping experience.

Currently, new buying experience of mobile shoppers is turning from physical to virtual level. As a mobile commerce merchant, you should comprehend the latest approaches to reach the highest level of shopping experience. Among them, there emerges a very dynamic combination which can earn not only profit but customer loyalty as well: Mobile technology and social media network.

Enjoy mobile – Mobile Technology And Social Media Combination

As it can be seen, social media is day by day performing its vital role in people’s lives. People join the large community to network with other friends or relatives with the purposes of sharing information or updates freely.

And the activity of purchasing products is also not an exception on social media. Specifically, before buying something, customers tend to exchange the information of the products via facebook, G+,…to get the review or feedback. From this viewpoint, you can conclude that social media, if can be utilized the right way, can definitely turn your mobile app into a desirable place for every mobile shopper.

Fortify the mobile shopping experience with social media: Why not?

In this article, you will get more details about how to utilize social media to promote the shopping experience of mobile users and earn the highest benefit.

How it works app – details about shopping application

Because social media is being used widely by a large number of users, promoting mobile shopping experience is inevitable. It is suggestible that you should optimize the product page on your app by putting some buttons systematically to provoke the users to click and share it with other people. With sharing activities, it can be said that your products are worthwhile. Getting the reviews, rates, and feedback from customers is also a very important task.

Secondly, you need to choose the most suitable social network to build your brand. The key point is that you should choose the channel which is relevant to your customers’ base (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,…)

Thirdly, you should really combine social media with other marketing strategies. To get success, just social media is not enough, you should also take use of email marketing. As many people tend to use social media to interact with your product, emailing will keep them engaged to your products by promoting them to subscribe your products.

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As a result – mobile retailers can shorten the sales funnel

As a result, you will see that that the new mobile shopping experience raised from social media will create a large number of engaged customers at low cost. Target customers can be generated to social media leaving their reviews or exchanging the information. This action can create long term customer loyalty.

By putting the “buy now” button on social media, mobile merchants can guarantee the experience that customers may gain. Besides, the monetization on social media can shorten the sales funnel to push the customers to reach the payment gate immediately.

In general,

Nowadays, social media is becoming a crucial part of people’s lives. As a mobile shopping app developer, to get the success in both earning high profits and providing great mobile shopping experience, you’d better learn how to utilize the social media – a fertilized landscape to turn fruitful e-commerce business.

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Mobile Technology And Social Media Combination: Recipe For Intensive Mobile Shopping Experience
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