In the previous part, we have discussed three Paypal product: Paypal Standard, Paypal Pro, Paypal Express. In the series of Paypal Express Checkout comparison with other Paypal product, we give you the information about the last two Paypal services: Paypal Advanced and Paypal Digital Goods.

paypal express checkout comparison

PayPal Comparison: Advanced

PayPal Advanced is just accessible for customers in the US and Canada. the program incorporates online transactions and invoicing for shippers alongside a checkout directly on your website such as PayPal Pro.

There are no setup expenses, however, PayPal Advanced requires a $5 monthly fee and the expenses of 2.9% + 30¢ for each payment. The distinction between PayPal Advanced and PayPal Pro is that the checkout structure is on your site and inserted in your checkout process, yet is not something that you can redo completely.

paypal express checkout comparison advanced
Paypal Advanced

The PayPal Advanced checkout structure is an unframed structure, which implies that the structure is really facilitated on PayPal’s servers and inserted on your checkout page. From the client’s perspective, they stay on your site and in your checkout stream for acquiring, however, the installment structure is really facilitated by PayPal and installment data is sent straightforwardly to their servers.

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PayPal Comparison: Digital Goods

One of the less popular choices offered by PayPal is Digital Goods. This product must be utilized for advanced products, however, Digital Goods has a truly wonderful advantage: customers can check out with two ticks utilizing PayPal Digital Goods.

This entryway can be inserted in an application, website or other computerized substance to offer a snappy, high-changing over checkout. The checkout procedure is consistent and can be finished easily in a short time period, as the information of the transaction is not required.

PayPal Digital Goods charges just per-exchange expenses of 2.9% + 30¢ or 5.0% + 0.5¢ (whichever is lower) to better bolster micropayments (for transactions normally lower than $10-12). This can be truly convenient in case you offer music or different products on your site.

paypal express checkout comparison digital
Paypal Digital

The WooCommerce PayPal comparison has a list of countries which have right to access Digital Goods, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, the UK, and others, and PayPal has anFAQ accessible for the Digital Goods door.

PayPal Comparison: Availability

In this chart, we will give you the detail information about which plugins support which Paypal products. Hopw that you can find necessary information here:

PluginExpressProAdvancedDigital Goods
WooCommerce$79 $79 $79 $79 
EDD1$49 1$49 $49  
Shopp2$45 $45 $45  
WPeCincludedincluded included
Exchange 3$80   
Jigoshop$45 $45 $45 $45 
Cart66 includedincluded 
WP eStore 4$40 4$40  


PayPal offers an answer that fit into any eCommerce store, and you can choose the most suitable product for you, apply it to your payment gateway and see the result. There is a fact that PayPal has manufactured as one of the first solid eCommerce payment processors makes it a profitable offering in your eCommerce store, and the WordPress eCommerce additional items accessible make setup and easy to use.

So what is the most suitable Paypal product for you?

Through the comparison with 5 Paypal products, we see that PayPal Express Checkout has some significant competitive advantage in compared with other Paypal products. Each firm can base on their needs to choose the best Paypal product to use in purpose to strengthen the business, especially for the firms who prefer mobile apps.

If you have any plan to build a mobile shopping app, or you just want to upgrade your app now, let try Paypal Express Checkout, a whole new solution for payment gateway in iOS. You can add PayPal as a payment option to any checkout with Express Checkout. Express Checkout gives you a convenient and secure version of PayPal, can be set up easily and help you attract more shoppers into buyers.

173 million online buyers prefer to use PayPal worldwide. You can learn more and try here:

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Comparison: Paypal Express Checkout and other Paypal products (Part II)
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