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Online Shopper Behavior by Generation [Infographic]

Online Shoppers – Who are they? 

Today online shopping community includes not only the young but also old people. Are you surprised when knowing that 50+ adults still participate in e-commerce? That is true. Online Shopper does not mean Young Shopper. It shows that online consumer age is very diverse. In general, Online Shopper can be divided into 3 big group by generation. They are: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials (Generation Y).

Online Shopper Generations and unknown things

So researching Online Shopper Behavior by generation is extremely essential to e-commerce businesses. Discovering shopping habits of generations always gives retailers surprising results. Do the elderly prefer traditional shopping? Is it true that they can not adapt to modern technology? Are Millennials the people shopping online the most and spending on it the most? How much time does each generation spend online? Which is the most favorite social media of generations? All of your question about online shopping habits of generations will be answered now. In this infographic we analyze online consumer behavior by 3 main generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. We not only show the most exact data but also suggest new trends of online consumer in 2017 based on report results of KPMG International. We believe that you will get different insights about generations after reading this infographic.

Online Shopper Behavior by generation in 2017
Online Shopper Behavior by generation in 2017

After all, it is obvious that although consumers usually search product information on mobile device, they still prefer to shop on PC or laptop. That means e-commerce businesses need to develop multiple marketing channels. One more noteworthy point is the potential purchase of Millennials. This is a generation including a lot of young people. They like innovation, have excellent tech savvy and many diverse demands. However, age effect, as well as cohort effect, is preventing their purchase at present. Therefore, Millennials will be potential online shoppers. In future, most of e-commerce growth will be driven by this generation. In addition to that, activeness and loving freedom make Millennials more and more like sharing economy. This will be absolutely a hot trend in e-commerce in the near future. Getting online consumer insight is one of the key factors helping your business reach success. Follow our other articles to get more amazing information. Hope you enjoy!

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