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How is your store going? I guess that all of you are now busy with the upcoming Easter– an important event of the year 2014. Therefore, you‘d better keep these following tips in mind if you want to crack the eggs and turn your business into gold!

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1. Only website is still enough? Go mobile now!

Some e-tailers think that a Magento mobile app or a POS system is quite costly and unnecessary for their small and medium business. By contrast, the fact proves that they might be wrong. It is because not only Easter, but all other sales seasons are booming time for any business especially SMEs and thus all of they might need such smart assistants as mobile POS app and  Magento mobile app.

Moreover, it’s not expensive to have them anymore. With mobile app, SMEs can even build larger and large customer base and expand their business due the incredible development of mobile commerce. Mobile POS app, on the other hand, can reduce your time for checkout and helps you to generate more sales and thus, more benefits.

2. Not just discount!

An Easter campaign with discount is so familiar for customers that it will not be effective anymore. Instead, you can resort to another special offer like a personal gift or a unique benefit for customers. A  contest and high prize is also a good idea. For example, for fashion store, you can run a design contest and encourage your customers to join to get a Mediterranean cruise as the prize.

3. Promote your campaign with call-to-action message.

The art of sales is to make customers do as you want in a happy way, therefore, it is essential to create a Call-to-action message. Remember to keep your message short, focus and sweet enough to lure your customers.

You can deliver your message via email, social media… It‘s recommended to push your message via mobile store app so that your customers can take actions immediately.

4. Make use of your personnel

Shopping peak time like Easter can make it difficult for e-retailers to control sales staff while they themselves work with customers the most. Your business would be serious affected if you cannot take control of your personnel. Delegating tasks, setting permissions and so on, these days, most of mobile POS apps allow you to do so right on your iPad. Why don’t you utilize them?

5. Check your sales anywhere, anytime

However busy you are, you should pay more attention to your sales result so that you can make adjustment anytime anywhere.  If you‘re always on the go and don’t want to stick to your PCs, you’d better use a Sales tracking app for your mobile devices. Installing and connecting it with your e-store and just in a few minutes, you can get real time stats of your business and see how it doubles or triples after Easter.

Don’t waste your time now because Easter is coming so near. 5 tips just take 1 day or even 2 to follow and we all together enjoy a happy Easter! If you have more, share with us now on comments below.


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Easter is coming! Ready to double or even triple your sales by mobile app builder
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