Mobile sales app is what most of e-commerce businesses aim at, and inherent security risk is the problem that should not be underestimated.

Understanding deeply the importance of this issue, Simicart – which is the best mobile app builder for Magento mobile shopping apps – did set up a firm security policy to let the customers experience the greatest functionalities without being worried about the mobile sales app security problem.

Mobile sales app security threats

mobile sales app security statusAccording to a specific studying, thousands of applications running on mobile were found unsafe. There are so many negative results led by unsafe security policy such as mobiles exposing to sensitive device data, sms logs,…Many apps are infected by malware. In general, choosing the best mobile app builder for your store is not enough, pay much attention to the security policy to ensure your app can run smoothly without harmful attack.

Shopping apps for mobile-phone security practices

The very best way to save your app is to secure the service that your app is connected to. However, most of developers and app builder providers fail to do this. And when a poor programming is mixed with the lack of friendly design exposing users to SSL/TLS vulnerabilities, the security is really going down in the eyes of customers.

On the mobile sales app developer side, each app should be following the best practices of app coding and can be easily found the error. But most of e-commerce business usually ignore this problem and can not address mobile sales app security. Only a small number of them can conduct mobile sales app security in design. And a “rush to release” cycle is the factor that impacts most on mobile sales app security today.

On the user side, it is very imperative to keep mobile sales app updated with new important information like new arrivals, sales,…It is also vital that the app should not face with jailbreaking or rooting issues. And they will never download the app from untrusted parties or unofficial app stores.

To solve the problem, there should be specific action to prevent principal cyber threats from affecting your mobile sales app security.

How to prevent cyber threats 

mobile sales app security practices

In terms of mobile sales app security, behavioral and binary static analysis should be very important  because it could help the security team in each e-commerce business reduce the risk.

About behavioral analysis, it allows the code to be generated in real time and in the most controllable environment. By comparing the result of behavioral analysis and behavioral patterns, usual risk can be measured easily and exactly.

About the binary static analysis, the app can get rapid identification of malicious codes and flaws in the code of the app.

Nowadays, with the blooming expansion in the mobile sales app, security is not just an option but a compulsory task. To maintain a safe environment of mobile sales app to provide users with the greatest experience, you should really rely on the third party security experts as well as the above suggestion, not only your app but your business will be safe the right way.

In general,

If you have got a perfect Magento mobile app from Simicart, then you will not worry about this concerning issue any more. Simicart supports a sustainable security policy that offers specific regulations as well as assurance making users always feel safe whenever they reach this famous mobile app builder.

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Mobile Sales App Security: Status And Improving Measurements
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