In the recent years, people are spending more and more time on their mobile phone. Despite that fact, the mobile marketing industry has been painfully slow in adapting with the grow. Until today, when referring to mobile marketing, they still use jargons from the feature phone age. Even if smartphones are on the table, the different methods of marketing are simply traditional marketing method apply to mobile. In other words, mobile is being considered as “just another channel” in implementing traditional marketing effort. That way of approaching makes mobile marketing become irrelevant to another trend of the internet: E-commerce or mobile commerce in particular. A new method of mobile marketing must do two things: Taking advantage of newest technological advance and emerging with the eCommerce – mCommerce trend.

In this articles, we will review the old types of mobile marketing and introduce to you a new mobile marketing type: Mobile Marketing App.

The old types of mobile marketing

Since the beginning of mobile phone, agencies from all around the world has been exploiting it for marketing efforts. Thus, a load of mobile marketing kinds was invented. For the purpose of this article, we will divide those old kinds of mobile marketing into two sectors base on their first time introduced: feature phone age and smartphone age.

Feature phone Age

Mobile marketing in feature phone age


  • SMS Marketing: Using Short Message Service to reach potential customers is the earliest form of mobile marketing. In the context of 1990s, this is a big breakthrough for sellers because, in the first time, they were able to reach buyers wherever they are. Until today, lots of marketers are still using this method due to its affordability, but its effectiveness is decreasing because people are becoming more and more immune to spammy texts.
  • MMS marketing: Many companies believe that images have much more impact on customers’ minds than pure text, that’s why MMS marketing was born as an alternative to SMS. On the other hand, MMS is way more expensive than SMS, so that is a problem. Rather than that, MMS’s main advantages and disadvantages are essentially similar to SMS marketing, so MMS marketing is on the down trend too.
  • Bluetooth mobile marketing: The main idea of this type is using Bluetooth technology to send SMS and MMS to potential customers. There are two important things that need to be mentioned: It is a short range technology and it is free. Bluetooth mobile marketing is cheap and very suitable for local marketing. But since the range was quite short and people need to accept the message, this method is not very effective.
  • WAP marketing: This kind refers to advertising and optimizing website for internet users, especially when they are using a feature phone. Since the feature phone are now kind of becoming irrelevant, this type of mobile marketing has to change itself to adapt to the new age.

Those types of marketing from feature phone age clearly have no more relation to e-commerce than any other marketing types, even the oldest ones such as offline marketing.

Smartphone Age

  • Mobile applications marketing: this form of mobile marketing involves having your ads inside of a mobile application. Basically, it is just another kind of online advertising. Other ways to call this type include “in-app marketing”, “in-app advertising” or “in-game mobile marketing” (mobile games are also some sort of application). In fact, the term “mobile applications marketing” is kind of misleading because it can be confused with the practice of getting your apps more users by advertising, email marketing, etc.
  • Mobile search ads: Essentially, it is the search advertisement but on mobile. Due to the mobility of the smartphone, mobile search ads can have more features that are useful to both the advertiser and the potential customer such as map related, apps related, etc.
  • Location-based Marketing: this type of marketing refers to using GPS technology to target marketing efforts to the potential customers base on their location. Like Bluetooth mobile marketing mentioned above, this type is very good for local business but it has the range way larger than the former one. In theory, location-based marketing can be extremely effective but currently, most of the methods have failed to exploit its full potential. We will talk about this again in the next part of the articles.
  • Barcodes/QR codes: They are visual codes that allow mobile users to easily obtain information via the camera on their smartphone and an appropriate application. Just like location-based marketing, this kind needs a to be put in a complete solution to reach its full potential.
In smartphone age mobile marketing have many more new form
In smartphone age mobile marketing have many more new form

In the smartphone age, there are more and more kinds of mobile marketing that can serve as components for a bigger form of mobile marketing – the one that can emerge with E-commerce – another big trend of the internet development.

Mobile Marketing App – marketing with your own eCommerce apps

What is Mobile Marketing App?

To help you understand clearly about the term “Mobile Marketing App” we will look at an example as following: Max is an online business owner who has an e-commerce website selling electronic devices. The revenue is so good that Max wants to expand to the mobile marketplace as well. So, he buys SimiCart’s lifetime package which provides a mobile commerce app integrated with his website’s system. Then, Max notices that the mobile app can do much more than that. Using the app, he can implement marketing activities in ways that he has never been able to do with his website such as immediately informing customers when there is a new discount offer. Or, he can let the customers know exactly where his physical stores take place while they’re on the road. Such instance is exactly what we are talking about:

  • Mobile Marketing App, as a mobile application, is the mobile app that can be used to conduct marketing efforts in order to improve marketing indicators such as customer loyalty or brand equity index. The marketing features should be put together with other shopping features so that the app will bring the best m-commerce experience to the customers.
  • On the other hand, as a type of mobile marketing, mobile marketing app is a method of using the app mentioned above to implement marketing campaigns, get closer to the customers and eventually helps drive profits.

How does it better?

How does it better?

The reaction to a new method to do something is always skepticism. It’s natural because there are new things invented every day and only a few amount of them are useful. But in this case, Mobile Marketing App IS not only useful but also way better than the old types of mobile marketing, and here are some solid reasons:

To begin with, this is the first time that mobile marketing efforts are taken systematically. The old kinds, as mentioned, were always considered as just another channel of marketing. Thus, they are just a part of a campaign that involves other channels. Mobile marketing has never been considered as a single marketing medium that can drive business into growth trend. But with Mobile marketing app, you can take it seriously – as the main marketing type of your firm. With sophisticated features supported by it, business owners now can plan, organize, implement and control an entire marketing campaign just on mobile. And in the modern world, where 58% of smartphone users regularly use shopping apps (source:, that appear to be the best way of using your marketing budget.

Moreover, mobile marketing app is specialized in measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns. For years, marketing folks remain the myth that marketing activities such as branding, advertising, etc are impossible to measuring. But with the explosion of e-commerce and e-marketing, the big wall was broken down. In the new era of mobile marketing app, the marketing features that integrated completely with your database, as well as analytics brilliant tools such as Firebase and Mixpanel, can finally demonstrate the efficiency of your marketing action crystal clear. You can know exactly which products are sold and how much it cost you to sell it.

Follow up

The advancement of technology is changing every aspect of our lives and marketing is just one of those. Hopefully, this article can help you have a deeper understanding of what is going on with mobile marketing methods and which type is worth pouring resources into them.

From SimiCart team with all the best wishes.

Mobile Marketing App – New types of mobile marketing
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