In part 1, we covered some basic understandings of Mobile Deep Linking. To continue the series, this part is gonna talk about the application of mobile deep link in a company’s marketing plan.

The following use cases are some of the ways you can use deep link in your app to drive growth and engagement.

Mobile deep link use cases:

1. Converting web users to app users

What if you’ve gone to the trouble of building a great mobile website in addition to a beautiful native app, but notice your conversion rate is better in the native app than on the web. In this case, converting mobile web users to download your app might give your business a boost. While moving them from one to the other can be challenging, deep linking makes it easy. With mobile deep linking, you can seamlessly transition users from your mobile website to the equivalent content within your app. And because the links survive the app install process, even new users can pick up where they left off on your mobile site without missing a beat.

mobile deep linking

2. Social, email, and SMS campaigns

Send promotional offers using links that work on any platform. Current and future users can redeem your offers whether they use iOS, Android, or a web browser, and whether or not they already have your app installed.

mobile deep link

3. User-to-user sharing

One of the most effective ways to get new users to install your app is by enabling your users to share content from your app with their friends. With mobile deep link, you can create a great user-to-user sharing experience: users who receive content recommendations from their friends can click a link and be taken directly to the shared content in your app, even if they have to go to the App Store or Google Play Store to install your app first.

deep link

4. Real-world app promotion

Use QR codes or bar codes that encode a deep link in your physical displays to promote your app at events and venues. Users can use their mobile phones camera to scan QR codes/bar codes and be redirected to the targeted content in your app, or be prompted to install your app first if they have not.

deep linking

The 4 use cases above are just some examples of how deep link can help your business, in a marketer’s point of view. There are certainly many other ways you can use mobile deep linking in your app to boost sales and engagement.
In part 3, we will go deeper into technical basis of deep linking to understand how they are constructed and implemented.

Mobile Deep Link – Part 2: The Roles of Deep Link
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