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How top brands win customer experience with mobile apps [Infographic]


Customer experience on mobile is the key

Today’s customers are having increasingly growing expectation and demand for a better shopping experience. Meanwhile, businesses are still finding it difficult to keep up with this rapid change. Customers are willing to spend up to five times as much for a great shopping experience compared to a poor one. At the same time, brands leading shopping experience outperform ones with poor experience by 500% in growth (MoBlog). Once shoppers have positive interactions with a brand, it raises their expectation from others. They are loyal to brands that deliver the best customer experience and soon drop those that can’t meet their demand.
Brands looking to leverage their customer experience should focus their efforts on mobile – where they spend most of their time. Mobile has been a critical part of every customer journey in this mobile-first world. 45% of shopping trips include mobile shopping, according to Facebook IQ. Brands at the top of their game are quick to address and meet these expectations by building great mobile experience, while others are still struggling to keep up.
“Leading marketers are more than 3 times as likely as the average to be significantly increasing their investment in mobile customer experience.”
But how exactly can brands leverage their mobile customer experience to stand out from the rest? Take a look at the following infographic to find out what tactics can make mobile experience a success:


How mobile apps win customer experience
How mobile apps win customer experience

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One thing we can learn from the successes of top brands is optimizing customer experience with mobile apps.  Not only market leaders, small and mid-sized brands have already started investing in mobile apps to ensure a more user-friendly experience for their customers. If your brand hasn’t got there, it’s time to focus your efforts and resources in a high-performing shopping app that enables the best-in-class mobile experience.


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