Hi guys,

(Hey hey, I am over here, look down a little, humans)
It’s me,¬†your old friend. It’s sad that you don’t realize me anymore ūüôĀ
But in fact…. I love it! I love that you don’t realize¬†me because I did try to change myself a lot over the last 2 months! Tada, I am no longer SimiCart 2.0 but SimiCart 3.0.

Okay, let’s me tell you. I have been staying in 2.0 for more than one year, with occasional changes, you know. Some of you suggested me to change this way or that way, but I am too busy to get myself a new look. But 2 months ago, I decided to change because I want you (and more friends) love me more.
So I made quite a lot changes and today I¬†can’t wait to show you, friends!
Note: on the left is the picture of new me, the right is my old.

1. Homepage

In me 3.0, categories are shown right on the homepage, below the banners, so that you can see all the categories when they see me at first. Also, you can see that the banner size is bigger in the new version and the Search bar stays on top. All of these brings me a modern look, doesn’t it? I love it!
But the most special thing about my new Homepage is that you can switch it to 3 different layouts. If you don’t like this face of mine, you’ve got 2 others to choose! Cool, right? I hope this will make sure that everyone can enjoy me the best!¬†Below is my default Homepage, the other two will be revealed soon!

Simi 3.0 Simi 3.0-1

2. Product page

On  my new product page, product image is shown bigger and details of the product is grouped under More button, which is different from the old me where all information is displayed on one page. This means that you can focus on the product itself. You can zoom in or zoom out to take a closer look at the product image. Especially, you can slide the image to go to next products.

Simi 3.0-2    Simi 3.0-4

When you tab on More¬†button, you can read all information about the product, such as Description, Reviews,… Also, they can share the products with their friends via email, Facebook,… by tabbing on Plus button on the below right corner.

Simi-3.0-5  Simi 3.0-6

There are some changes on my product page with options, too. Options are now under a button, not on the product page, which (again) ensures that you pay all of their attention to the products. I also love the look of this option most!

Simi 3.0    Simi 3.0

3. Category page

I also made some changes on Category page. When you click on a parent category, they can see some products on the top and all the child categories below.

Simi 3.0    Simi 3.0

4. Menu bar

On my Menu bar, you see the changes much clearly! Now it is on the left side, not at the bottom anymore. It looks more stylish, right? (or at least my developers think that J)

Simi 3.0   Simi 3.0

Well, now you know why you didn’t recognize me at first! I’ve changed quite a lot, but… it’s not all. I have made some small (and elegant) changes also.¬†Let’s see it all by trying DEMO!


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