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[SimiCart Partner] Mageplaza Rebrands to Mark a New Adobe Era

April 2022 marks the time when Mageplaza launches a new logo and visual identity to the Magento community. During this change, Mageplaza emphasizes its new vision: “to make the world of e-commerce a better place with our knowledge, innovation, and dedication.” Along with this, the brand also aims at becoming “the most feature-rich extension developer for Magento 2”.

With that many changes, how exactly did Mageplaza show their shifting efforts?

Mageplaza’s logo – a more modern look and feel

During the last 8 years, the old letter mark – containing the letter M standing for Magento and the letter A for being the Magento world – has become Mageplaza’s representative symbol. It goes along with the previous mission and values the brand pursues.

However, in recent years, Mageplaza found itself at the turning page of the new Magento era, which is now Adobe Commerce. The extension builder wants to showcase its constant development to existing customers and partners, as well as bring a different image to new customers. This is the chance for Mageplaza to prove that it is ready to start a new journey where clearer values and missions must be focused on.  

Mageplaza’s old logo (left) and new logo (right)

The challenge for the brand is how to keep its old values but still manage to change the image to a more modern and friendly look. Mageplaza’s new logo has it all: it still represents what the brand was, with the combination of letters M and A. Nevertheless, it has also reestablished a new sense of a fresh future where the wordmark contains no capital letters anymore. The edge of the logo is now curvier, and the logo is made with no beginning or end, suggesting more refinement and modernization. The logo uses two colors: shamrock and dodger blue – blending as a continuing motion effect. This revitalized brand is easy to be recognized but still highlights modernization. 

Mageplaza new website interface
Mageplaza’s new website interface

Not only is the logo changed, but a set of fonts, color palettes, as well as key visuals is also completely new. These significant changes are shown on Mageplaza’s homepage, across the product pages, and anywhere the brand appears. On the About us page, Mageplaza also mentioned this and uploaded a guideline in full. 

Mageplaza’s new mission to complete

Mageplaza sets a new mission:  “To create a wide variety of well-coded, fully-featured & innovative extensions with the most dedicated and sustainable support.” It aims at delivering fully-featured and innovative Magento 2 solutions, together with dedicated technical support

That spirit can be seen in Mageplaza’s brand positioning statement:

For online merchants and developers seeking high-quality extensions for their Magento 2 stores, Mageplaza offers a wide range of the most feature-rich modules. Mageplaza is an ecosystem of over 230 extensions highly compatible with the latest versions of Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce). All Mageplaza extensions come with responsive, secure, and personalized technical support which has been recognized by nearly 100,000 customers for over 7 years. We set ourselves apart from other extension developers with our intense focus on product features, innovation, and dedication to technical support

Mageplaza's core value
Mageplaza’s core values

According to Summer Ng, Mageplaza’s CMO, “These values will continue to be ubiquitous with our brand throughout our next journey.” She also regarded this as a compass that leads the business, as well as the new image stands for a continuing mission and will make the future messages become clearer; as she added, “it’s time to really define what high-quality means to Mageplaza, what it means to our customers, put it into words, and make a stronger commitment to achieving this.” 

Mageplaza – A feature-rich Magento 2 extension developer

Following the mission, Mageplaza outlines a feature roadmap for 20 core modules on their product pages. Customers are able to view which features will be released in the upcoming time, and there are also forms to request a feature or extension customization. Besides that, all modules will also be updated regularly to be compatible with Magento 2 and other extensions. 

Mageplaza feature roadmap
Feature Roadmap table on product page

On each product page, highlight features of the modules are described in detail and featured as images next to the product icon. All of these images follow suit the new key visuals to unify Mageplaza’s new brand look on all platforms. 

Mageplaza new product page
Mageplaza’s new product page

Mageplaza and SimiCart collaboration

Mageplaza has developed 230+ high-quality and frequently-updated Magento 2 modules that are compatible with Adobe Commerce to assist online merchants to overcome the default Magento limitations. Meanwhile, SimiCart provides e-commerce businesses with solutions including headless PWA storefront, page builder, and Magento 2 mobile app solutions, to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction. 

Understanding the demand of the Magento community on optimizing their store performance with PWA technology, Mageplaza and Simicart have become long-term partners in developing Magento PWA Studio extensions. SimiCart is in charge of building add-on modules to power Mageplaza extensions to be compatible with your PWA storefront. All of these add-on modules are 100% open-source, free, and available on Github. Online stores can find our collaboration success so far – a collection of PWA-ready extensions.

With this brand repositioning of Mageplaza, we believe that our collaboration will continue to create new values and deliver the best experiences to our customers. 

The bottom line

Mageplaza’s rebranding conveys the company’s transition to a new Adobe era when its goal is to become “the most feature-rich extension developer for Magento 2”. To mark this milestone, Mageplaza is launching a big sale from April 4 to 15, 2022. Click here to view more details about this promotion. 

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