It appears that mobilization is a top trend now. According to Magento News, Magento CE and EE were updated to new versions (1.9 and 1.14 respectively).  Both new editions feature responsive design for mobile. Since May 13th, 2014, it has been available for downloading. Let’s take quick look at these 2 new editions.

Your site is responsive? If not, update to Magento new edition now

Since default theme in Magento EE 1.14 and CE 1.9 uses Responsive Web Design principles, they allow you to reduce half of your time to build a tablet and smart phone friendly site. Besides, you are able to use Google’s preferred approach to mobile-optimizing sites and earn benefits from SEO.

Magento updates: Enterprise 1.14 and Community 1.9
Enterprise 1.14 and Community 1.9

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What else you can get from this update?

1.  Easy to trade over boundaries:

Price consistency (normally called Cross-border trade) was added to support EU merchants to maintain consistent prices for customers whose tax rates are different than the store tax rate.

2. Better checkout process:

Good news for anyone! When you update to Magento CE 1.9 or EE 1.14, you are able to change the item quantities in your mini shopping cart or remove ones and don’t need to refresh the page. Moreover, Bill Me Later (Paypal service) is now a payment option in checkout which will help increasing the sales by 18%. Besides, you can try financial instrument in PayPal any times you want when credit card processor fails.  In addition, some steps are eliminated such as Enable/Disable the order review page and Update order, which fastens the checkout process.  You can also use a a Widget in the Mini Shopping Cart.

3. Support Solr Search Engine ( EE 1.14 only)

Solr Search Engine versions up to 3.6.2 is natively supported by EE version 1.14 without a patch.

If you want to mobilize your site, it’s time to update your old Magento site right now!

Magento updates: Enterprise 1.14 and Community 1.9 both feature RESPONSIVE DESIGN!
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