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How to Enable Tier Price in Magento

Tier Pricing in Magento

Tier pricing lets you offer a quantity discount for a specific customers groups when they buy the products in bulk. It is also one of the best promotional program which allows you to encourage your customers to buy more and more. The tier price will be shown on catalog page or product detail page with short message such as “Buy 2 for $28 each and save 18%”.

magento tier price

In this tutorial, we will show you how to display tier price on your storefront.

How to Display Tier Price in Magento

Step 1: Navigate to Catalog > Manage Products in your Magento backend, choose the product that you would like to add tier price.

Step 2: Click Prices under Product Information on left panel.

Step 3: Click Add Tier button under the Tier Price section, then do the following:

magento tier price settings
  1. If you have many website, select the Website to which the tier pricing applies.
  2. Select the Customer Group for whom the tier pricing is available.
    Note: Create multiple tiers, each with the same quantity and price, but different customer group to apply a tier to multiple groups, but not all groups.
    magento tier price config
  3. Enter the quantity which must be ordered to receive the discount in the “Qty” field.
  4. Enter the desired price of the item in the “Price” field.

Step 4: Click Save button to finish.

(The same steps apply to Magento 2)


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