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Magento PWA Studio: Useful Links and Resources

Ever since Progressive Web Apps concept was introduced by Google back in 2015, it has been an on-going trend on the world wide web. It is a next-generation technology that is destined to replace the current web technology, and applicable to various industries including e-commerce.

What is Magento PWA Studio?

In September 2018, Magento introduced their PWA Studio project, and made available to the public via their GitHub repository Magento PWA Studio is a set of tools that allow developers to develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) storefront on top of Magento 2.

Magento PWA Studio vs Vue Storefront

Official PWA Studio resources from Magento

Latest PWA Studio version: 12.1.0

Magento PWA Official Documentation

Magento 2 PWA Studio demo

Venia storefront

Official PWA Studio storefront demo: Venia

Additionally, there is a development version of Venia which reflects the latest progress of PWA Studio.

Real-life Magento PWA examples

Since its release, multiple developers and brands have adopted PWA Studio and use it to develop PWA storefront on top of Magento 2. Several of which have gone live into production and starting to see great results. Below are some of our hand-picked best Magento PWA examples:

  1. Shop Online Tanzania by SimiCart
  2. Tshirtideal by SimiCart
  3. Eleganza by Experius

More Magento PWA examples

PWA Studio Tools & Extensions

Magento PWA Studio developer tutorials

Our PWA developers have composed several useful tutorials to help you get started on your journey of learning PWA Studio:

Magento PWA Studio roadmap

Started with a mobile-first approach, the core PWA Studio development team will now most importantly focus on desktop experience for Venia. Also, they will continue to work on launching new Venia features and optimizing the existing Venia reference storefront to create engaging shopper experiences.

PWA Studio Roadmap

Currently the roadmap is set to cover until the end of 2022.

If you want to look into the past development changes of PWA Studio, there are detailed changelogs on GitHub you might be interested in:

PWA Studio release notes

PWA Studio Developer Community

You can join 2,300+ community members in the official PWA Studio Slack channel #pwa to contribute ideas, or ask and answer PWA-related questions.

Magento PWA Slack channel
Magento PWA Slack channel

List of current live Magento 2 PWA Studio websites

Below is a non-complete list of current live websites that are built on PWA Studio that we’ve found and constantly updating. The websites are categorized into industry verticals.



Home & Garden

Health & Beauty

Food & Beverages

Other verticals


Skiing equipment

Gaming collections

The Bottom Line

PWA continues to be an effective solution to leverage Magento websites’ UI-UX. Whoever you are, from an experienced Magento developers or a non-tech savvy merchant, we hope you have found what you need in our resource list.

Thinking of implementing PWA for your Magento sites but do not have enough time & skill to do so? Checking out our free Siminia Theme or our full Magento PWA solution package may be a great start.


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1 year ago

How can join official PWA Studio Slack channel #pwa?
How can i implement pwa in magento 2.4.5-p1?