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How to Setup Magento 2 PWA Studio

In Magento developer community, we see that there is an arising question about How to install Magento PWA Studio.

Since doing this yourself can be somewhat tricky, we will guide you step-by-step to install Magento PWA Studio by yourself using yarn.


  • A Magento 2 backend. If you don’t have a Magento 2 backend, your PWA frontend will point to the default M2 backend provided by Magento.
  • NodeJS (>=10.14.1 LTS). To check your current Node version: node -v
  • Yarn (>= 1.13.0). To check your current Yarn version: yarn -v

To install Yarn:

1. Install the global Yarn binary to its latest version

npm install -g yarn

2. Move into your project folder

cd ~/path/to/project

3. Run this command

yarn set version berry

Magento PWA Studio installation steps

Step 1: Run commands to install PWA Studio

cd into the directory where you want to install PWA Studio and run command:

yarn create @magento/pwa

Answer the questions in the terminal:

Magento PWA Studio terminal
Image credit: Magento
  • Project root directory (will be created if it does not exist): Enter the name of your root directory
  • Short name of the project to put in the package.json “name” field: Enter the project name
  • Name of the author to put in the package.json “author” field: Enter the author information following this format: Author Name <author email>. For example: SimiCart Developer <[email protected]>
  • Magento instance to use as a backend (will be added to ‘.env’ file): Select “Magento 2.3.3 with Venia sample data installed“. This is a better option since it will include sample data from Venia theme. When we choose this option, our PWA frontend will point to Magento default backend on Cloud. However we will point it back to our own Magento backend in the next step.
  • Braintree API token to use to communicate with your Braintree instance (will be added to ‘.env’ file): Just press Enter.
  • NPM package management client ot use: Select yarn
  • Install package dependencies with yarn after creating project: Select Yes (Y)

Step 2: Point PWA to your Magento backend

In your project directory, open .env file and change the value after MAGENTO_BACKEND_URL= into your Magento backend, for example:


Step 3: Start the PWA Studio storefront

Run the commands

yarn install
yarn watch

Upon successful run, the output will show that your project is running at the URL You can access your newly installed PWA Studio storefront at this URL.

Magento PWA Studio install output

This is the development server that watches the system for any changes and will update the frontend in real-time whenever it detects a change. You can stop the PWA dev server by pressing Ctrl + C in the running server’s terminal window.

Final result

Magento Venia Theme

Still find it hard?

Don’t have time to deploy a Magento PWA yourself?

Then let’s see if SimiCart Magento PWA can help you.

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کیش بوک
3 years ago

Excellent , thanks for sharing

4 years ago

Hi Dom, I installed the module and have it point to one of my Magento 2.3.0 installs. Only the development environment, version works; on the production I get an error that the dist directory in sim-studio is missing. Furthermore, it does not show anything of my Magento install; instead I get the message that the page doles not exist. It seems I don’t quite see how this PWA frontend works, and the documentation from Magento did not help either. Can you point me to documentation that explains how to change the PWA front end such that it “understands” my M2… Read more »

1 year ago

after Q&A:

/bin/sh: /private/var/folders/tf/g7j75qwn685f3v6v70pwtx_w0000gn/T/xfs-473711d8/dlx-73198/.yarn/__virtual__/@magento-pwa-buildpack-virtual-d6bfb9a9ec/9/Users/martin/.yarn/berry/cache/ No such file or directory
App creation cancelled.