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Best POS Systems for Magento 2 (Pros & Cons)

A POS, or a point of sale is wherever your customers make a purchase for your products, from online stores’ checkout pages to physical stores’ cashier counters. Integrating multiple points of sale into an omnichannel sale system empowers a faster and more convenient checkout experience, which satisfies both customers and store owners. 

If you have an online store and a brick-and-mortar store, a POS system is a must, and there are many options available. This article will explore all of the best Magento 2 POS systems, their pros & cons so you can find the right one for your business. 

Do not know what a POS is? Learn everything about 

POS transactions here.

What do you need in a Magento 2 POS system?

It’s critical to understand what major Magento 2 POS systems offer and what they mean to your business to make the best judgments. 

Here’re crucial factors of a Magento 2 POS system.

  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Fast checkout
  • Various payment options
  • Employee management
  • Customer profiling
  • POS hardware

How do these benefit your business specifically? Let’s get into each factor:

Real-time data synchronization

Every time an order is made or a new product is imported, your business’s sales & inventory data changes. A POS system will sync all of these updates in real-time across your Magento websites, your physical stores, and your warehouses so you can view them in one dashboard. 

It also shows your stock level and alerts if you run out of stock to avoid overselling. 

POS low-stock alert
Low-stock alerts


As a result, you can manage your multiple inventories effectively, as well as provide a consistent checkout experience for your customers.

For example, a customer has previously purchased via your online store and has his store credits accumulated. Now, he can go to your brick-and-mortar store, test your products and pay with his store credits. 

Fast Checkout

A good POS can speed up your cashier’s process of finding products to add order information into your computer system, which makes checkout a breeze. She/he can effortlessly find products by name, SKUs, or even by scanning their barcodes.

POS checkout

The more efficiently they can find products, the less time your customers have to wait in the checkout line. 

Various payment options 

Offering various payment methods allows your customers to pay in the most convenient way for them. 

There is a diverse range of payment gateways and methods available:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/ Debit card 
  • Paypal, Authorize.net, Braintree
  • Mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Barcode associated with bank accounts or mobile wallets
  • Store credits

Some POS systems provide you with more flexible forms of payment such as layaway, in-store pickup, split payments which means combining different methods in one transaction. 

You can also apply discount codes, coupons and loyalty rewards with no difficulties. 

There are many payment gateways and options and not all Magento 2 POS systems support similar methods. Therefore, it’s important to consider which one is critical for your business to pick a suitable choice. 

Staff management

A POS system helps store owners understand their employee’s performance better, thus, take appropriate actions. 

Magento 2 owners can be well-informed about sales generated by each store and working shift. Thus, they can quickly spot the leading store or the most sales-driving staff.

Plus, the tool can assign inventories and outlets to your respective sales agents, give them certain permissions and restrictions to use the POS. This clear hierarchical structure helps your businesses operate more smoothly without friction. 

Customer profiling

Customer’s checkout data such as their previous purchase, demographic information, email addresses, are precious for businesses to run effective marketing campaigns or to upsell. 

For example, your cashiers can read this info to recommend better-personalized products during checkout. Also, basic information such as email addresses or phone numbers can be used for better-targeted ads or email marketing. 

Many great Magento 2 POS systems gather the data in one place for these purposes.

POS hardware

A POS system has two separate parts: software and hardware. While the software, directly integrated with your Magento’s backend, offers all of these features above, the hardware refers to different devices to support physical payments. 

Here are some most common POS terminals


Depending on your business, you may need different POS hardware. 

Traditionally, a business would need a registered screen, a cash drawer, a printer to print receipts, and a barcode scanner for their cashier counter. 

But nowadays, many POS systems can work on tablets or mobile devices. To minimize costs, some small businesses only need an iPad with a POS system, along with a credit card reader that is connected to the iPad to process transactions. 

POS system for iPad

Best free POS systems for Magento 2 

1. Zettle by PayPal 

Zettle was bought by PayPal in 2018, which then became one of the biggest POS providers in Europe. 

Zettle POS

Highlight feature:

  • Report and analytics: product sales & refunds, category sales, customized time periods, and export Excel sheets.
  • Inventory management: easily import, edit, organize products and get stock levels automatically informed. Manage all inventories under one roof, sync real-time data. 
  • Add custom products that are not on the product list yet.
  • Digital and paper receipt
  • Manage working shifts and sales activities in one dashboard. 
  • Various payment methods: Paypal, Venmo, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, American Express, JCB, Union Pay. Paypal-standard’s payment protection
  • Easily use Paypal or Venmo (US) for QR code payments


  • Free to set up and use. 
  • Processing fee: 2.29% + $0.09
  • Hardware: $29 – $699. At a minimum, you can purchase a card reader which lets you accept chip cards and contactless payments via Bluetooth connection. The first one cost $29, from then, an additional card reader will cost $79.


  • Support all major payment methods and contactless payments with a high-security standard.
  • Quick to set up and easy to use
  • Provide a comprehensive list of POS features with an attention to detail even though it’s free


  • Offline mode is not available
  • Accumulated processing fees may cost enterprise businesses with high sales volume more. 
  • Payments can be made via Paypal only

2. Magento 2 POS by IWD 

IWD POS Magento

Designed by IWD agency, this Magento 2 extension integrates your online store with the POS system of Paypal.

Highlight features:

  • Automatically sync products, inventory, shipping, and payment methods from your Magento stores. 
  • Offline payment: accept payments in offline mode and process them when the internet connection is back.
  • Find your customers’ account or create a new one during checkout easily
  • Add coupons and discounts
  • Issue a refund
  • Allow many in-person transactions: from check to cash to credit, pay with QR code. 
  • PayPal-standard’s protection
  • Browse or filter products/orders easily.


  • Free to set up and use.
  • Card reader: $24.99
  • Other charges are related to PayPal transactions.


  • Quick to set up and straightforward to use
  • The ability to generate a QR code for each order so that your customer can scan and pay. With this tool, you only need a PayPal account, a Magento store, and the POS app to work, no other hardware is required. 
  • Offline working mode to complete transactions even with poor internet connection.
  • Many options for flexible checkout.


  • Payments can be made via PayPal only. Processing fees may cost greatly for stores with many sales. 
  • Do not offer team management and reporting features
  • Do not integrate with Magento’s loyalty programs and extensions to use store credits and rewards for payments.
  • Do not have an app option for Android

3. SquarePOS for Magento

Square is one of the biggest POS providers with over 2 million business users in the world. Its free POS version for Magento offers basic functionality which is easy to install and use.


Highlight Features:

  • Automatic data synchronization and multiple inventory management
  • Show your most sought-after items for a quicker checkout
  • Various payment processing options: major credit card, Apple Pay, gift cards, invoices, refunds
  • Save your customers’ info & previous purchases 
  • Sales report: find gross sales, sales count, and refunds


  • Free to set up and use
  • Processing fee: 2.6% + 10¢ for touchless payments and card swipe
  • Hardware: starting from 0$ – 700$. At a minimum, you will get a free magstripe reader which allows you to accept credit card payments via mobile devices. 


  • Easy to use
  • A decent sale reports and customers report
  • Square’s assistance to handle transactions, refunds, voids, and cancellations


  • This extension offers basic POS features only
  • Is not compatible with Magento 2.3 and 2.4

Best paid POS systems for Magento 2

1. Magestore’ POS

Magestore POS

Magestore has 10 years of experience in Magento development with a strong focus on the POS system. They pride themselves on being the World’s #1 POS for Magento. 

Highlight features:

  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Highly compatible with the latest versions of Magento and its updates. Seamless integration with other Magento extensions. 
  • Offline payment mode
  • Loyalty program: apply Magento promotion, reward points, gift cards, store credits. 
  • Various payment options: cash, cheque, cards, store credits.
  • Use Magento’s discounts code and coupon, partial payment, reward points, and gift cards
  • Report for each working shift and daily report
  • Backorder: order out-of-stock SKUs and deliver them to your customers later. 

Pricing: custom pricing based on the number of stores, business requirements, and level of support. 


  • Highly customizable for your business’s specific needs. You can add any features you want.
  • Connect perfectly with Magento and its extensions, thus, minimize the risk of integration bugs and errors. 
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Since the extension use PWA technology, you can access it with any device (desktops, tablets, and phones).


With many features and customization options, it can be complicated to learn

2. ConnectPOS

Magento 2 ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is a world-renowned POS company that won the 2021 Stevie Award Product Innovation. The company brings about unique & effective POS features into the table.

Highlight features:

  • 24/7 support
  • Automatically synchronization 
  • Manage stocks from all warehouses in one place, get stock updated in real-time, stocktake easily
  • Generate quotations for high-volume purchases.
  • Manage tax on and- offline easily for smooth international payments
  • Add custom products that are not in the inventory such as gift bags, etc.
  • Work in offline mode
  • Various payment options: store credits, gift cards, layaway, refund, and exchange, multi-method payment, barcodes, self-checkout, click and collect
  • Backorder and pre-order. 
  • Work with Magento’s loyalty program as well as customer retention plugins by Aheadworks and Amasty. 
  • Team management: view performance reports, assign different roles and permissions

Pricing: upon requests. However, you can use their previous pricing plan for reference:

ConnectPOS old pricing


  • A complete solution with strong built-in features for inventory, order, and product management.
  • Self-checkout solution: customers scan your QR code and get access to a ConnectPOS’ web app where they can browse for product details, complete transactions on their own. 


  • Hidden pricing

3. Magento 2 POS by Consultmozaic

Consultmozaic provides Magento users with a complete POS solution to streamline the checkout process, track performance, and run their businesses smoothly without breaking the bank. 

Magento POS consultmozaic

Feature highlights:

  • Real-time Inventory management
  • Add products using barcodes scanners, notify whenever you add an out-of-stock item to the cart by mistake.
  • Put orders on hold and continue the transaction later
  • Enable checkout as guests or registered accounts
  • Work in offline mode 
  • Add custom products that are not in the inventory yet
  • Payment methods: Stripe, Paypal, cash along with split & partial payment. Custom payments are available upon inquiry.
  • Use discounts and print invoices. 
  • Issue refunds and returns
  • Compatible with Magento’s tools for customer loyalty to take advantage of its reward points, gift cards, and store credits. 
  • Assign different roles and permissions to sales representatives
  • Manage cash flow for each working shift, thus, oversee your team’s productivity.
  • 10 types of sales report

Pricing: $299/one-time. 


  • A comprehensive list of POS features
  • Dedicated account manager’ assist to install within 3 days as well as 2 hours of online training
  • 100% customizable for your business
  • A great-for-value price that can be paid at once


  • Not compatible with the latest Magento versions of 2.3, 2.4

4. Acid POS

With its rich built-in features, this is a great POS solution for Magento’s retailers, wholesalers, and restaurant owners alike.

AcidPOS Magento
  • Automatically sync data among inventories, physical stores and online stores
  • Out-of-stock alerts, inventory forecasting
  • View customers’ info and purchase histories. Add custom fields to acquire more information
  • Track staff’s performance and attendance
  • Manage permission and roles for different users
  • Control on-hold payments and process them later
  • Configure products’ size, colors, etc during checkout
  • Multiple payment methods: cash, check, credit card, authorize.net, store account, reward points, gift cards, point of banking
  • Flexible transaction: split payments, in-store pickups, discounts, layaway, invoices
  • Purchase order and supplier management
  • Refunds and exchanges
  • Labels and barcode management
  • Loyalty rewards and tier-based discounts
  • Comprehensive reports: payments, taxes, wholesales, sales by brands, etc
  • Tickets, tips, and donation management

Pricing: upon requests


  • An extensive tool with all essential POS functionality
  • Various payments methods
  • Assist Magento’s wholesale stores with features for purchase orders, invoices printing, wholesale reports, and more. 


  • Hidden pricing
  • Does not work in offline mode

5. Magento POS by Amasty

Magento 2 POS Amasty

The POS for Magento 2 by Amasty helps you save time and avoid human errors with its automatic data synchronization and a useful inventory management tool. 

Highlight features:

  • Control orders and products from all stores in one place, real-time synchronization
  • Set representatives and views for each store. 
  • Show low-stock and out-of-stock labels.
  • Easily create a new customer account during checkout or find an existing one. 
  • Add custom products
  • Easily browse product using its SKU number or barcode
  • Apply discounts
  • Reports for each sales representatives
  • Support split payments between cash and card. 


  • $299 for the first year. $185 for the upcoming year.


  • Great flexibility to assign sales representatives
  • Able to create refunds for all order’s items or some of them
  • Manage several orders at once


  • Does not support a wide variety of payment options.
  • Lacks some POS functionality such as offline mode payment, customer loyalty. 

6. Magento POS by Webkul

This Magento extension by Webkul offers all must-have POS features at a reasonable cost. The development team has paid great attention to detail so that Magento merchants can process checkout, manage stocks, and order with great convenience. 

Magento 2 POS Webkul

Highlight features:

  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Show stock status, assign each sales representative for each physical store. 
  • Work in offline mode
  • Search your customers’ account by phone number or create a new one during checkout easily
  • Hold cart so that your customers can continue the payment process later
  • Major payment options: cash, credit/debit card, and split payments
  • Sales report: revenues, tax, shopping, etc


  • The Magento 2 POS system: $249
  • Installation cost: $39.80


  • Affordable and one-time payment
  • A 30-day refunds guarantee
  • A basic solution with all essential POS features


  • It can be complicated to set up at first. High installation costs
  • Does not support lots of payment options
  • Lacks some POS features such as integration with Magento’s loyalty program.  

7. BindoPOS 

Bindo is a New York-based company that offers an efficient POS solution for retailers to leverage their customer journey in both online and offline channels. 


Highlight features:

  • Sync all inventories into one dashboard, create custom inventory reports, use QR codes to import products, search and sort products, view stock levels
  • Enable “bill now, pay later” 
  • Support major chip cards, contactless payments, and printing receipts.
  • A POS that can read EMV chip cards – a technology to enhance payment safety. 
  • Smart checkout: display your customers’ data during checkout, recommend personalized products for them to upsell
  • Sales report
  • CRM & Customer loyalty: save customer data, gift cards, and store credits

Pricing: Upon request


  • Great features to enhance your customer experience and upsell during checkout. 
  • A full-scale solution with lots of different POS functions


  • The POS system is particularly created for iPad only
  • Integration and synchronization with your Magento store need to be customized by Bindo developers. 

8. Magento POS by Ebizmart

Ebizmart is another reliable POS solution that is specified for Magento store owners to go omnichannel and satisfy their consumers.


Magento 2 POS Ebizmart

Highlight features:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Real-time inventory synchronization and management, search products with barcode scanners
  • Search order online by entering customers’ names or order ID
  • Support several payment methods: Paypal Here, Sage Pay, Ayden, gift cards, and cash. 
  • Easy to create returns & refunds
  • Assign roles and permissions to different POS-users
  • Shift reports to manage your revenue income.
  • Make versatile tax adjustments
  • Configure products, add discounts and order notes during checkout
  • Print & email receipts
  • Change the POS’ theme color to match your brand’s image


  • Enterprise: $350/one-time (including 1 POS device key)
  • Enterprise +: upon request


  • Affordable price with a one-time cost and a free test account
  • A basic POS package with all must-have features included


  • Can be used for iOS devices only
  • A limited number of payment methods supported

9. Magento 2 POS by AgileCodec

AgileCodec presents a robust POS solution with great purchasing versatility to meet the needs of various customers and enhance the checkout experience. 

Magento 2 POS AgileCodec

Highlight features:

  • Reports to track sales by staff or store locations. 
  • Inventory management and auto-synchronization, grant roles and permissions for various users.
  • Find customers easily by filling in their name, phone number, email, etc
  • Allow both guest checkout and account checkout
  • Process payment without internet connection
  • Multiple payment methods: cash, debit/credit card. Possible to split payments. You can add & customize another two payment methods for your business needs. 
  • Apply discounts and coupons


  • POS: $350
  • Installation fee: $12


  • The ability to work in offline mode to process orders and sync data between your Magento store and your physical stores without trouble
  • A decent variety of payment options is available


  • Until the time this article is updated, the tool does not support Magento version 2.4.3 
  • Can not integrate with your store loyalty program and use rewards points and store credits for checkouts. Lacks features for returns and refunds. 

10. Supermax POS

Supermax’s POS system’s high performance is suitable for all mid-to-large Magento stores to speed up their checkout process and meet up their sales potentials. 

Supermax POS

Highlight feature:

  • Operate in offline mode
  • Easily search products using the product name, SKU, type, and barcode
  • Create a new customer account or find an existed one during the checkout process
  • Import product with a QR code scanner
  • A popup window for product information
  • Hold the cart and restore it to continue the payment process
  • Add/ Remove tax, custom discounts, custom products
  • Split payments, custom payments
  • Assign outlets, inventory sources and grant access to POS terminals  for sales representatives
  • Access sales, customers, tax, and inventory reports sorted by cashiers and outlets. 


  • Use advanced caching to reduce the POS’ loading time
  • Free 3 months of customer support


  • Although guides are available, the setup process may be complicated and the extension provider will charge for installation. 
  • High cost
  • Does not sync with your inventory automatically

11. Magento POS by Boostmyshop

Boostmyshop offers an easy-to-use POS interface along with effective shortcuts and default settings to help Magento store owners manage online and offline checkout effortlessly. 

Magento 2 POS Boostmyshop

Highlight features:

  • Use barcode scanners to import products quickly. Shortcut buttons are available to find frequently-bought products in a minute
  • Guest-checkout: let walk-in customers purchase without create an account
  • Multiple payment options: credit card (Braintree, Authorize.net, Paypal), bank transfer, check, purchase order, and cash. Coupon codes, discounts and custom pricing are available. 
  • Sales report and daily reports
  • Create and print receipts automatically
  • View customers’ detailed information and buying history


  • Open-source: €379.00 ($429)
  • Enterprise: €758.00 ($855)
  • Installation: €89.00


  • Intuitive interface that’s optimized for touchscreen
  • Support flexible payment methods including the guest checkout


  • Does not support mobile wallets and QR code banners
  • Lacks some good POS features such as the ability to operate offline and integration with the customer’s loyalty program

Wrapping up

So here are the best Magento 2 POS systems from reliable providers. Since there are not many differences in functionalities offered by these companies, it’s best to list out some of your best choices for prices, features and try their demo versions.

Hope you can find the ideal POS system for your Magento 2 and bring your omnichannel sales strategy to the next level. 

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