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10 Best Magento 2 Order Management Extensions in 2024

Why do you need an order management extension?

Managing your inventory and orders is never an easy task, especially for businesses that handle thousands of orders a day. That’s why you would want to use a tool which can help to process your orders faster and more efficiently.

Magento 2 comes with a number of powerful tools and lets stores manage their orders quite well. However, sometimes you need more than what it offers. An order management extension allows you more control over the ordering process, thus, reducing the unnecessary workload and accelerating the growth of your business.

We have listed out below the most efficient order management extensions for Magento stores, including their features, demo, and price.

Top Magento order management extensions to integrate

1. Mageplaza’s Order Management Suite

mageplaza order management

Mageplaza Order Management Suite from Mageplaze is a necessary solution for merchants to manage and process their orders. You can boost the order processing convenience & speed, improve customer satisfaction and strike for the best of profit maximization.


  • Extended order grid
  • Mass actions on mass orders
  • Tailor your order numbers
  • Built-in RMA
  • Enable store credit

Demo: Contact Mageplaza

Price: $777

2. Magento Order Fulfillment by Magestore

magestore order management

You can cut down time for management tasks with this extension’s order-processing automation feature. It promises to increase the processing speed by 4x time, and more useful tools come with this extension from Magestore.


  • Simplify order fulfillment workflow
  • Track items with barcode
  • Click-and-Collect option
  • Quick process for dropship orders

Demo & Price: Contact provider

3. Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field by BSS Commerce


The Checkout Custom Fields extension for Magento 2 enables you to add new custom fields to the checkout page for any data you deem necessary for order fulfillment. Now, thanks to this extension, your checkout pages can include as many fields as the website administrator desires.

Once a customer has completed their order, you can add fields to create a brief survey and gather customer data. From the outcome, you may swiftly address issues affecting your website’s shopping experience to improve your business’s reputation.


  • You can add as many Magento 2 custom fields as you want.
  • To enhance management, use those fields as order attributes in Magento 2.
  • Display custom fields on the Order Detail page and in the Order grid.
  • Add custom attributes from Magento 2 orders to transaction emails and documents.
  • Access the created attribute values via the API.

Demo: Frontend | Backend

Price: $119.00 (Open source edition); $269.00 (Commerce edition)

4. Order management suite by Amasty

amasty order management

It’s time to power up your entire order management and build a cost-effective processing workflow. You can collect additional order-related information, manage order actions in bulk and structure the database to optimize the Magento order management system, all with Amasty’s extension.


  • Add custom order attributes
  • Personalize ordering flow
  • Apply mass actions
  • Let users cancel orders
  • Extended order grid

Demo: Backend

Price: $999 (Open source edition); $1299 (Commerce edition)

4. Mageworx’s order management for Magento 2

mageworx order management

Managing your orders will be simpler with Mageworx’s extension. It gives you the ability to modify order information, carry out bulk actions and even configure the level of staff access. You can try out what it has more to offer in the demo.


  • Edit orders without canceling
  • Mass order actions
  • Order data synchronization
  • Custom order grid

Demo: Frontend | Backend

Price: $199

5. Mirasvit’s Magento order management extension

mirasvit order management

This module helps you to manage orders faster while minimizing mistakes.

It adds all necessary information to the orders grid, and you can customize the grid to see important data. It also allows you to edit orders in your store in place without having to cancel them. You can change the order’s items, shipping or billing information, apply discounts and so on.


  • Add or change ordered items
  • Edit order and account information
  • Custom order grid
  • Order tags
  • Support multistore view

Demo: Backend

Price: $149 (Open Source Edition); $318 (Commerce edition)

6. Order manager by Fooman

fooman order manager

You can execute bulk actions on Magento orders and change the status of the order without canceling it. Moreover, this extension lets you generate invoices and shipments as PDFs. It even provides an Order Overview Screen, on which you are able to manage the shipping information.


  • Mass order actions
  • Order overview screen
  • Mass invoice and ship actions

Demo: Backend
Price: NZD $178 (approx. USD $125)

7. Iwdagency’s order management extension for Magento 2

iwdagency order management

Order Manager for Magento 2 gives you useful tools to accelerate the ordering processes for your store. Take control of your orders with the diverse customization options that this extension has to offer.


  • Delete orders
  • Edit order status
  • Change payment & shipping methods
  • Order grid customization
  • Multi-warehouse inventory

Demo: Backend 
Price: $0 (free version); $800 (pro version)

8. MSI Order management by Wyomind

wyomind order management

The MSI Order Management extension will help you to optimize the order processing and become more productive. You can configure it so that each time an order is placed through your website, it can be automatically pre-allocated to one or more sources via the algorithm you have selected. This way, you are aware of your inventory status in real-time. The extension also offers customization options so that you can set up the most efficient process for your store. 


  • Automate the orders’ pre-allocation
  • Keep your inventory up to date: your stocks are decreased in real-time
  • Create the shipments in bulk for each order
  • Receive back-end notifications for pending shipments

Demo: Backend
Price: $245 (open source edition); $345 (commerce edition)

9. Advanced Order Management by Ahead Groups

ahead groups order management

The extension provided by Ahead Groups compensates for the aspects that Magento’s default functions lack. The admin can view all the orders, products, customer details directly from the grid. Moreover, from the grid, you can modify and update any order information like status, shipping, etc directly.


  • View all order statuses, shipping, customer information from the order gird
  • Execute mass actions
  • View and search for products from the order grid

Demo: Backend

Price: $79 (Open Source edition); $179 (Commerce edition)

10. Magefan’s Magento 2 Better Admin Order Grid

magefan order management

The extension from Magefan helps you manage orders effectively from the order grid. You can execute order actions quickly and monitor all the essential information. The grid is customizable so that you can create a workflow that’s best for you. 


  • Custom order grid
  • Search Orders by Product Attributes
  • Track order changes from the grid
  • Delete order from grid

Demo: Backend

Price: $83.30


The ranking order of the extensions doesn’t imply that an extension is better than the other. Each extension comes with a different set of tools to serve a business, and its performance is also decided by how the extension is configured. Depends on your business goals, you can determine which extension is more suitable for your shop than the others. 


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