Magento is one of the most common e-commerce open sources of the world. But it holds a big weakness in mobile commerce business as its mobile solution is not sufficient. There are 2 popular mobile solutions: responsive design and mobile app. Magento offers responsive design (since version 1.9) but no complete solution to mobile app yet. Actually, Magento once introduced Magento Mobile, which was an automatic app builder platform. But it is said that the project almost cancelled as its last update was since 2012.

Personally I think this is big disadvantage for Magento merchants because responsive design is becoming as must-have for any online stores. Whereas stores from other e-commerce platforms such as Shoptify has already enjoyed benefits that mobile apps bring. So if you have a Magento store, let’s see what you miss if you don’t have Magento mobile apps for your store.

5 reasons to build Magento mobile app

(Infographic) If you don’t get Magento mobile apps, then..
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