The Magento Login API provides you with the ability to manage your e-commerce stores. It also allows you to control your shopping carts and inventory.

API Magento

Let’s take a quick look. Magento Login API is the connection protocol to use login services via the API. Located on the Login Hosting, the connections from the Magento Login API platform will communicate with Login Hosting to deploy login applications. The Magento Login API is designed to allow real partners access to user’s API keys with an email, password or a subdomain. In other words, this gives you the capacity to gather the API key for a user without visiting Wufoo. This Login API keeps your user engaged in your process in spite of leaving your site.

The login process will be easily programmable than ever through this protocol

  • Can connect with all common programming languages: ASP, PHP, .NET, can even connect via HTML
  • Running multiple platforms: Unix, Windows, Mac


Mac, Windows and Unix Platforms

How does the operation mechanism work?

  • Connecting via Web Services: POST / GET, SOAP
  • Support login via SMTP, SMPP (integrated into the standardized application protocol)

Some applications built from the Magento Login API

  • Deploy solutions for marketing, Mobile marketing
  • Programming login system integrated reporting, management information on the website
  • Management systems: ERP, CRM, CMS ….
  • The login user software for the purpose of communication with the customer / employee control

Magento with API

The POST parameter

The following parameters must be progressed as post parameters to the Login API

  • email– required user’s email, which acts as the identifier for her account.
  • password– your user’s password.
  • integrationKey– this is a protected resource which apply for your key to receiving one.
  • subdomain– the user’s subdomain and is required only if the same email address is associated with two accounts.

Login API

 The Magento Login API Result Element

A successful call to the Login APi will result in a returned Login Result element.

  • ApiKey– This is the goal of your Login call, which use to access all API calls.
  • UserLink– This brings you to the ‘entry point’ for all available API calls for this user.
  • Subdomain– Place for the users have questions. You can use this to form all subsequent request URLs.

Login Magento API is a potential market, but to turn the potential into a real market, we need the technical solutions to make the difficult problem becomes simple. At the same time, we need to disseminate the solution quickly for everyone to understand and well developed.

To develop Magento API Login quickly, programmers have so many things to realize

  • Know how to setup hardware and communication equipment
  • Programming Device Drivers
  • Programming management
  • Have knowledge about telecommunication systems

The module occupies a lot of time in the software development process.


Magento Login API – The key to manage your store
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