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Top 7 Inventory Management Extensions for Magento in 2023

What is inventory management?

Inventory management, or warehouse management, is a collection of jobs related to the organization, administration, arrangement, and preservation of goods in the warehouse. Some organizations may deal with raw materials and components, but others may only deal with completed products that are ready for sale.

Inventory management is a critical function that must be performed continually and during the storage of items in the warehouse. Effective inventory management improves the safety of product preservation, makes efficient use of facilities, reduces investment costs, and increases income for businesses in the long term.

For efficient inventory management, an Inventory Management Extension is the solution for your eCommerce website’s issues.

Why do you need Inventory Management Tools for your Magento 2 store?

Inventory management is a crucial aspect of every store. The same is true for an e-commerce store. Inventory Management Extensions help your website solve a variety of issues.

Here are the benefits you would get when you install an Inventory Management Extension for your store.

Exact Order Fulfillment

With the inventory management tool’s exact management, you will be able to issue accurate orders without fear of loss. No more concern about things being lost due to staff performing anything incorrectly; with the computer, total precision is ensured.

Besides, this extension also helps you calculate and predict the number of rows needed. With this feature, your business no longer has to be worried about out-of-date inventory or an impending lack of items.

Better Inventory Planning and Control

The inventory management tool may produce supply and demand projections based on accurate management of incoming and outgoing orders. The computer will automatically calculate and forecast the quantity to be input based on the numbers supplied, ensuring that the product quantity is always available.

Furthermore, you may use predictive data to develop your own company plan, such as focusing on high-volume goods or lowering inventory for obsolete items.

As a result, using an inventory management tool makes it much easier to govern and develop your eCommerce.  

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers frequently cancel online orders due to shipment delays or because your warehouse is out of stock. According to Veeqo’s analysis, over 70% of customers will buy items from your competitor if the product in your inventory is unavailable, rather than waiting for back-order inventory for an extended period. 

An effective inventory management system, always stocking and receiving items so every item is always ready, is required to tackle this problem. This tool also helps to fulfill orders faster, as well as the faster delivery of items to clients.

Through the promptness and professionalism of order processing, the reliability and satisfaction of your business are also improved.

Organized Warehouse

A solid warehouse inventory management extension contributes to forming a good order fulfillment center. Coordinated warehouse management makes all business activities function more smoothly.

Furthermore, scientific management saves time and money while maintaining high efficiency. Thus, with the warehouse management expansion, all existing and future company strategies will be more effective.

Reduce the Blockage of Financial Resources

Reduced blockage of financial resources is the necessity of good warehouse management. With this extension, your company would manage and add goods more effectively and flexibly.

Good inventory management ensures that firms always have supply chain information, allowing them to predict when and how many new products will need to be supplied. By dividing and importing items only when needed, businesses may easily approve safe import decisions by dividing and importing items only when needed.

Moreover, the timely delivery of products maintains the store’s revenue, affirming the company’s position.

Top 7 Inventory Management Extensions for Magento

There are several inventory Management solutions available to assist you in expanding your Online Business.

Here are the top extensions that will be most popular in 2023.

BrandExtensionHighlight FeaturesPriceCompatibilityCustomer support

BSS Commerce
Magento 2 Inventory Report– Log all changes in product quantities automatically.
– Each product has its own detailed report.
– See who makes inventory modifications.
– View Order or Memo with inventory report.
$992.3.x – 2.4.xOne – Time Payment
Free 1-year Support
Free Lifetime Update
Free Installation30-days Money Back
AmastyMulti Warehouse Inventory– Create several warehouses with ease.
– Manage inventory directly from the product grid.
– A clever system can help you save money on shipping.
– Shipments may be created with a single click.
– Set up your own delivery methods and costs.
$3492.3.x – 2.4.xFree 1-year Support
Free 1-year Update
Inventory by Magestore– From an all-in-one system, sell without restrictions.
– Maintain tight control via stock transfer, stocktaking, and inventory adjustments.
– Manage product SKUs effectively.
– Maintain a simple and cost-effective purchasing strategy.
– Define roles for each inventory staff quickly and easily.
$Contact2.3.x – 2.4.xnot mentioned
AitocMulti Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2– Create as many warehouses as you like.
– Stock should be divided by store view and/or customer group.
– Automate warehouse selection using pre-defined rules.
– Send out low-stock email messages to warehouse managers automatically.
$2992.3.x – 2.4.xFree Lifetime Updates
Free 90-days Support
45-days Money Back
WyomindAdvanced Inventory– Create stock levels for each product.
– Send orders to an one or more pos/warehouses.
– Each pos/warehouse have rights assigned.
– The frontend websites reflect the stock levels and the pos.
– Track all tocks.
– Make drop-shipping administration easier.
– Easily manage stock portfolio.
€2251.x.xLifetime license
1-year Support
1-year Upgrade
60-days Money Back
Extensible source code
Free composer access
CMSmartAdvanced Inventory Extension For Magento– Include a locator extension.
– List of retailers on the product detail page.
– Store locator and Store locator maP.
– A powerful admin interface for configuring complex inventory.
$42.681.9.x1-year Private Support 
Unlimited Tickets Support
Download & Upgrade new version
BoostmyshopInventory Extension for Magento 2– Multiple Warehouses, Multiple Stocks.
– Monitor stock using.
– Stock Movements.
– Stock assistant and Sales forecast.
€4952.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x15-days Money Back
Free Online Support
1 time Subscription


Warehouse management is critical for every eCommerce business’s success.

Hopefully, the Top 7 Inventory Management Extensions highlighted in this post will help you make the best decision for your Magento website.

Read Best Magento Extensions to Boost Sales to install more extensions to help your eCommerce business grow.

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