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Import Multiple Product Images in Magento 2 Using CSV

Uploading a large number of images for multiple products is a must for your Magento store. In this tutorial, we’re gonna show you how to import multiple images to your Magento 2 via CSV file.

Step 1: Upload the image files to pub/media/import folder (the default folder for importing product images)

[magento installation folder]/pub/media/import

Step 2: In the CSV data, enter the name of each image file to be imported on the correct row, by SKU, and on the correct column according to image type (base_image, small_image, thumbnail_image, or additional_images)

The CSV file must include only the sku column and the related image columns.

magento csv

Step 3: Import data into your Magento backend

  1. In your Magento 2 backend, go to System > Data Transfer > Import
    magento data import menu
  2. Select the Entity Type from the drop down list
  3. Click Download Sample File
    magento download sample file
  4. The downloaded sample file includes column headings with placeholder data
    magento sample file
  5. Check your sample file’s structure, make sure that the column headings are correct, and verify the file size which must be less than 2M.
    magento message
    Note: The image files have been uploaded to the right location if the import data includes paths to product images. The default location on Magento server is pub/media/import
  6. Select an Import Behaviour from the drop down list
    magento import behavior
  7. Choose Stop on Error or Skip error entries to determine what happens when there is an error while importing data.
  8. Enter number of errors which can occur before import to the Allowed Errors Count field. (The default value is 10)
    magento stop on error
  9. The Field separator and Multiple value separator field show the default value of the comma. In a CSV file, comma is the default separator. Make sure that the CSV data matches the character that you specify in case of using a different character
    magento field separator
  10. Identify the Import files by doing the following steps:
  • Click Choose File to select the CSV file to import
  • Enter the relative path to the location on Magento server where imported images are stored in Images File Directory field.
    magento file to import

Note: If you import the images for the first time, you should upload a small quantity to test. After understanding the method to upload images, you can import a large number.

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