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How to Configure Image Sizes in Magento


Product Image is the first impression and the closest thing for customers to picture the products in their mind. Therefore, it is really important not only to use the high-quality images to describe the product but also to keep your site in a good performance.

Magento image sizes configuration

  1. In your Magento backend, go to System > Configuration. On the left menu under Catalog, select Catalog.
    magento catalog
  2. Expand the Product Image section, and do the following:
    a. In the Base Image Width field, enter the maximum width that the base image is to be rendered.
    b. In the Small Image Width field, enter the maximum width that the small image is to be rendered.
  3. When complete, click Save Config.

Magento image types

Based on different types of images, product image in Magento website is divided into 3 main Sizes:

  1. Thumbnail

Thumbnail images appear in the thumbnail gallery, shopping cart, and in some blocks such as Related Items. Example size:

50 x 50 pixels

  1. Small Image

The small image is used for the product images in listings on category and search results pages, and to display the product images needed for sections such as for Up-sells, Cross-sells, and the New Products List. Example size:

370 x 370 pixels

  1. Base Image

The base image is the main image on the product detail page. Image zoom is activated if you upload an image that is larger image than the image container. Example sizes:

470 x 470 pixels (without Zoom)

1100 x 1100 pixels (with Zoom)


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How to Configure Image Sizes in Magento
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    1. Zeni
      02/12/2018 at 10:56 am

      Product Image is not in my settings when I enter the catalogue configurations. I can’t upload pictures because the following sentence is showing up “Maximum width and height dimension for upload image is .”

      Is it a bug??

      • Dom
        03/05/2018 at 2:28 am

        Hi Zeni,

        Please notice that the Catalog configuration I mentioned in the post is not the Catalog menu item. Instead, it is located on the CATALOG left menu under System > Configuration. I have added a screenshot in the post for better reference.
        From there, you can expand the Product Image Placeholders section and follow my steps.

        Hope that helps!

    2. marissa s jones
      04/11/2019 at 12:09 am

      This did not work for me at all

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