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3 Alternatives to Google Product Feed Import for Magento

Google retired Product Feed Import for Magento

Google Merchant Center established their partnership with Magento platform right ahead of the 2016 holiday shopping season. This intergration made selling online easier for Magento merchants by allowing them to upload product feed directly to Google Shopping, quickly reach millions of new customers searching for what they sell.

However, this came to an end on March 20, 2018 – when Google dropped the product feed integration with Magento and other eCommerce platforms.

Here is the original message from Google Merchant Center:

We’re writing to you today to let you know that we’re retiring the existing Google built e-commerce platform imports with BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento. We’re retiring these imports in order to better focus on solutions that will make the Shopping ads onboarding a more seamless experience. We’re continuing to work with ecommerce platforms to explore more frictionless integration opportunities.
The Google Shopping app connected to your Google Merchant Center account xxxxxxxx and the associated feed will be retired on March 20, 2018 and will no longer provide your product data to Merchant Center.
The Google Merchant Center Team”

Migrate your Google product feed to another solution

There are some extensions or marketplace features that can help you continue to feed products to the Google Merchant Center:

1. Simple Google Shopping by Wyomind

Google shopping by Wyomind

The Simple Google Shopping extension allows you to create XML data feeds of your complete Magento catalog to automatically and regularly export these data to Google Shopping. Google Merchant Center is a product management interface designed to assist merchants in submitting their items to Google Shopping. The Simple Google Shopping extension allows you to link your Magento catalog to your Google Merchant Center account quickly.


  • Include all product types to your data feeds
  • Create multi-stores, multi-currencies, multi-VAT-rates data feeds       
  • Use the sample XML pattern included in the extension
  • Fix your data feed errors thanks to the errors and warnings reports
  • Find any attribute in the attributes library
  • Preview your data feeds and use the syntactic helper to avoid misprints
  • Add any Magento 2 attribute to your XML pattern
  • Create attribute set and category filters
  • Filter your products according to the Product and/or Parent categories
  • Use OR/AND statements in your filters
  • Use the scheduled tasks to periodically generate your data feed
  • Check your data feed generation (number of items, time and resource)
  • Make sure your data feed is correctly generated thanks to the generation status
  • Map your categories to Google ones in one go
  • Facilitate your category mapping with the Search As You Type option

Price: $105 (CE) – $144 (EE)

Compatibility: Magento 2.3.X, 2.4




User Name: SimpleGoogleShopping

Password: SimpleGoogleShopping123

2. Google Shopping Feed by Magmodules

Google shopping by Magmodules

This extension for Magento has been specifically developed to get your Magento products in your Google Merchant account and Google Shopping Campaign the easy way. A single and specified extension  enables you to easily generate and manage an entire shopping feed – without omissions, saving you time. With your products available in Google Shopping, you will create new visitors and clients using your Google Shopping campaigns. Your products will be firstly imported and checked in your Google Merchant account where you can manage all the product data before you send them to Google Shopping.


  • Works with all Magento 2 product types
  • Meet the latest 2021 Q1 Google Shopping Standards
  • Compatible with the latest Magento 2 versions
  • 100% built for Google Shopping / Merchant
  • Unlimited store views with localized content

Price: $50 (CE & EE)

Compatibility: Magento 2.3.X, 2.4

3. Product Feed extension by Amasty

Product Feed by Amasty

The Product Feed extension lets you generate a special file which contains information about all products in your store catalog and upload the file to different comparison shopping engines.

Therefore, you’ll be able to increase your products exposure and raise your website search rankings. Generate multiple feeds either automatically or manually just in a couple of minutes. Easily schedule feeds execution, create multiple feeds in bulk and adjust each feed to requirements of any comparison engine.


  • Easily generate product feeds with ready-to-use templates
  • Use Wizard to set up Google and Facebook feeds quickly
  • Add condition-based attributes to your feeds
  • Set up the schedule for automatic feed generation
  • Track your sales efficiency with Google Analytics

Price: $199 (CE) – $499 (EE)

Compatibility: Magento 2.3.X, 2.4.X

Demo: Backend

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