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Magento Community vs Enterprise Edition

With Industry 4.0 developments, E-commerce plays a crucial role in the business world nowadays.

Magento is known as the most search engine friendly e-commerce platform available in the market. It possesses a couple of backed up versions (Magento Enterprise & Magento Go) by paying a fee and a license-free version called Magento Community Edition.

Since the launch of Magento 2, the standard free version is Magento Open Source (formerly Community) and the paid variant is known as the Magento Commerce (previously Enterprise) version.

Choosing the Magento version for your e-commerce store depends on a considerable number of aspects. Here, we have indicated some reasons to select Magento Community vs Enterprise Edition, you can follow those factors and make decisions.

Magento Community Edition 

Magento Community edition is open-source e-commerce software and free to download. It is trusted by thousands of online stores all over the world due to serving as a basic & useful solve for them operating on an M-commerce platform.

You can get Magento Community at no charge, the only cost you have to pay comes from the domain name, web hosting and a qualified Magento programmer.

Magento Community edition suits for developers, tech-savvy merchants, and medium-sized businesses. In addition, the version provides community forum sites where everyone can share their knowledge, experiences, tips as well as answers complicated questions.

However, it may be one of the biggest barriers for users that the solutions are not supported by the Magento team.

Magento Enterprise Edition 

Magento Enterprise Edition (Magento EE) is derived from the Magento Community edition and has the same core functional files. Nevertheless, Magento EE displayed more revenue-boosting features and these may be what makes Magento Enterprise edition suitable for your company.

Another profit which makes Magento Enterprise version is more outstanding than their descendant (Magento Community) as it is fully supported by the Magento team and subscribers receive full customer service and support via phone or email.

This Magento EE gives users a particular set of functions with scalability, control & flexibility. For an annual subscription, the license fees of the Magento Enterprise Edition cost at least $18,000 per year.

Magento Community VS Magento Enterprise Edition: Which One Suits Your Business?

Depending on your company size, budgets and other factors to choose which one is better: Magento Community vs Enterprise?

The table below may be helpful for you:

 Community EditionEnterprise Edition
CostFreeFrom $18,000/year
New nameMagento Open SourceMagento Commerce
Target usersDevelopers and tech-savvy merchantsMid-large size businesses
SupportNo supportFull support
B2B / B2CB2C, requires 3rd party add-ons for B2BB2C, full capabilities for B2B
Magento hostedNoNo

If you do not refer to a well customized and scalable solution, the very Magento Community Edition works effectively for your business. It is built for capable developers and tech-savvy merchants getting used to the development aspect of the web store. You choose Magento Community Edition if your company is SME (Small and Medium Enterprise).


You need a larger product catalog and advanced catalogs, Magento Enterprise Edition might be right for you. It provides the following additional advantages:

FeaturesCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Code-level access
Web service API
Mobile HTML Theme Pre-integrated
Advanced Administrator Roles
Shipping Rules, Payment Configurations and Gateways
Flexible Couponing and Promotions
Order management
Open source
Extension community
Template customization
Multiple stores
Mobile commerce
Persistent shopping cart
Layered navigation
Technical support (by Magento team) 
Ability managing a huge number of products 
Full page caching to manage easily & improve loading speed 
Ability roll-back/integrated backup systems 
Enhanced tax calculation 
Faster checkout flow 
Advanced administrator roles, logging and site access rights 
Manage customer attributes quickly & easily 
Advanced marketing and segmentation 
Built-in security 
Solr search 

In conclusion, I’d like to give you more recommendations about selecting Magento Community or Enterprise Edition. If you have any questions, please contact us to learn more about Magento. We are glad to help!

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