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How to Use AJAX Requests in Magento

AJAX is a great technology that is used to improve user experience and avoid page reloads. Upon searching, you can get various topics relating to AJAX such as AJAX add to cart/ call/ login/ loader/ form submit or controller… However, today, we will explore about the AJAX requests and how can you use it in your own Magento modules.

Step 1: You should either create a controller (for example: Namespace/YourModule/controllers/AjaxController.php) or create a new action in an existing controller

Step 2: To create an action in your controller, such as indexAction(), add this code:

public function indexAction()
Step 3:

Add to your layout.xml (example: app/design/frontend/…/…/layout/yourlayout.xml) the following code

    <block type=”yourmodule/yourblock” name=”root” template=”path/template.phtml” />



is the frontend router,


is the controller name and


is the action name.

Step 4: Then you need to update the layout in config.xml

Step 5:

After this, the instance of your YourBlock class will be available in template.phtml

Step 6: And finally, you need to call your Ajax controller with JavaScript or JQuery, for example:“GET”,”yourmodule/ajax/index/someval/”+value,true);

or“yourmodule/ajax/index”, {someval: value}, function(data){…});

Hope this helps!

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