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How to Configure Wishlists in Magento 2

What is Wishlists?

A wishlist is a list of products that registered customers love to share with friends or add to their shopping carts later.

Once you enable Wishlists, the Add to Wishlist link show up on the category and product pages of your store. Upon your customization, it might be a simple text link or an interesting image.

Configuring Wishlists in Magento 2

Step 1:

On the admin sidebar, choose Stores > Configuration.

configuration menu

Step 2:

Explore the Customers panel, then click Wishlist

wishlist options
Wishlist options

Step 3:

Now in Wishlist settings, do the following:

Exploring wishlist options
Exploring wishlist options
  • Under General Options, set the Enabled to Yes
  • Under Share Options,
    • Set Email Sender to the store contact
    • Set Email Template which is used once a customer share a wishlist.
    • Choose Max Emails Allowed to be Sent: 10 (default value), can be up to 10,000.
    • Choose Email Text Length Limit: 255 (default value)

Step 4:

Click Save Config when complete.

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