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Top 10 Magento 2 Product Attachments Extensions in 2023

With any product you sell in your Magento stores, customers would want to inquire about it in terms of descriptions, manuals, and usage guidelines. A simple product can be easily understood and described right on the product page. But with complex ones, it would take up so much space, and addressing all the information makes the page layout too long and complicated to go through. Therefore, you may need the Product Attachments to solve this problem. Like other extensions, Product Attachments is provided by many reliable providers, each with its distinct features or pricing plans. So herein, we’ve handpicked a list of the top 10 Magento 2 Product Attachments extensions for 2023 that you might want to consider.

What is a Magento 2 Product Attachments extension?

Magento 2 Product Attachments is an extension that allows store owners to attach product-related files and other informative forms for customers to have a better understanding of the product before purchasing it. This also lets sellers convince their customers about the functionality and great performance of the product.

These downloadable files can be product descriptions, user guides, licenses, warranties, price lists, or tutorials under any type of file including PDF, document, videos, audio, zips, etc. 


The default Magento 2 doesn’t support putting up the files on the product pages. Hence, with Product Attachments, store owners can upload as well as manage necessary files, attach them to the product in bulk via CSV-file import, configure the icon design, restrict downloads and get reports to track downloaded files of each product. Moreover, this extension allows sellers to customize the view of the product attachment section by simple drag and drop. Meanwhile, customers can easily get access to these files and even download them for later use.

Why do store owners need to install the Product Attachments extension?

With each new product with various alternatives and functions, it is necessary for customers to really understand it. However, the product information volume is huge that sellers cannot directly explain all to their customers at a time, and surely clients wouldn’t make a purchase without knowing exactly what they are going to buy. This is where Product Attachment extensions come to help.  

Customers would require information such as features, usage, price list, and tutorials, among other things. So with Product Attachment, you can create a section for all these documents or files where customers can click to view as well as download them immediately. As a result, you won’t have to worry about how to convey the information to your clients and clients can find everything about the product they need to examine at their disposal.   

Furthermore, not understanding thoroughly about the product may cause use difficulties or malfunction. Customers will feel discouraged from buying your product, leading to cart abandonment or a return after purchase. Therefore with a highly informative page, your visitors can carefully go through and then be persuaded by the product’s usability and trustworthiness. Generally, this extension helps enhance customers’ shopping experience and may lead to higher conversion rates.

Also, Product Attachments extensions can aid store admins in file and product management. It enables them to limit the files displayed or downloaded by certain target groups, update the files of every product in a clear and easy-to-use grid, and keep track of the downloaded files to get customers’ preferences and interests.  

Top 10 Magento 2 Product Attachments extensions in 2023

1. BSS Commerce’s Magento 2 Product Attachments


Without detailed and clear information about the products, it’s unlikely that customers will understand to buy them. Knowing this, BSS Commerce introduces the Magento 2 Product Attachments extension for retailers to provide clients with full exposure to the necessary product resources and manuals. It offers clients a pleasant experience and complete confidence in what they purchase. Store admins can upload important files and choose a suitable display for them. BSS’s extension is ideal for both B2B and B2C business models and is now compatible with Hyva Theme as well as supports REST and GraphQL API.  

Highlight Features:

  • Upload various types of downloadable files as product attachments
  • Display in multiple positions: On a block, on the product tab, and in the footer
  • Flexible ways to assign attachment files for products
  • Assign files to specific customer groups and store views
  • Restrict the size and file download
  • Compatible with Hyva Theme
  • Support REST & GraphQL API


  • Community Edition: $79.00
  • Enterprise Edition: $229.00

Compatible: Magento CE, EE 2.3.x – 2.4.x

Customer Service:

  • Free 1-year Support
  • Free Lifetime Update
  • Free Installation
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Demo: Frontend | Backend

2. MagePlaza’s Product Attachments for Magento 2


Mageplaza’s Magento 2 Product Attachments extension allows store admins to attach single or multiple data files to every product. They can also conveniently drag and drop to upload files or modify the viewability as their wish. Moreover, this extension supports an enormous range of formats from image, audio, text, and video types to even compressed ones and URL(s). Besides, designing file icons and managing downloaded files are also some of its notable features.

Highlight Features: 

  • Attach single or multiple attachments
  • Drag and drop to upload attachments
  • Attach files in any type
  • Pre-made icon packages
  • Bulk attach files in CSV
  • API/GraphQL is available


  • Community Edition: $129 (first year)
  • Enterprise Edition: $ 329 (first year)
  • For the next years, learn more here

Compatible: Magento CE/EE/B2B/Cloud/Adobe Commerce 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Customer Service:

  • 1-year Extension Updates
  • 1-year Support
  • 60-day Money-back Guarantee

Demo: Frontend | Backend

3. Amasty’s Product Attachments for Magento 2


With Amasty’s Product Attachments for Magento 2, store owners can provide a maximally detailed description to convince shoppers to purchase. They can upload as many product-related files as they want in more than 25 formats, attract customers with eye-catching icons, and attach the same document to multiple products, categories, and CMS pages. What’s more, this extension assists sellers to develop a highly individualized approach with customers through modified titles and limited visibility. 

Highlight Features:

  • Sync one uploaded document with multiple products, categories, and CMS pages
  • Support 25+ file types
  • Display catchy icons
  • Show documents in customer accounts and transactional emails according to the order statuses
  • Apply docs to various websites and store views
  • Extend the functionality with API support
  • Benefit from mobile-optimized design and Magento B2B compatibility
  • Limit files visibility and adjust display options
  • Analyze downloads report
  • Import attachments in bulk


  • Community Edition: $169 (first year)
  • Enterprise Edition: $ 469 (first year)
  • Magento Cloud Edition: $769 (first year)
  • For the next years, learn more here

Compatible: Magento CE/EE/Cloud 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Customer Service:

  • 1-year Product Updates
  • 1-year Support

Demo: Frontend | Backend

4. Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Product Attachments


Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 Product Attachments extension to make product pages more informative and easy to access for customers. It lets admins upload multiple files at a time and create a separate page to view these files. Customers can check every property before purchasing anything and this is a chance for sellers to show the competitive edges of their products and persuade customers to make orders. This extension also supports a great number of file formats for your convenience.

Highlight Features:

  • Support multiple Magento file upload formats.
  • Support multiple file uploads on product and CMS pages.
  • Restrict the file download limit.
  • Set the icon image with the product attachment for recognition of file type.
  • Drag and drop functionality


  • Community Edition: $59 (first year)
  • Enterprise Edition: $ 209 (first year)
  • Magento Cloud Edition: $209 (first year)
  • For the next years, learn more here

Compatible: Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Customer Service:

  • Free 1-year Updates
  • Free 1-year Support
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Demo: Frontend | Backend

5. WebKul’s Product Attachment for Magento 2


WebKul’s Magento 2 Product Attachments extension offers a block for product files attachment within the product page. Store owners can upload necessary files such as descriptions, user guides, licenses, and more. Besides, the number of files linked to each product is not limited and assigned with customizable pre-made icons. After configuring, customers won’t need to get in touch with the store owner because all the information they need is readily available on the product page.

Highlight Features:

  • Multiple Methods To Upload The File
  • Multiple File Types & Icons
  • Restrict Customer Groups
  • Enable/ Disable from the Backend
  • Support multi-store environment


  • Community Edition: $99 
  • Enterprise Edition: $ 198 
  • Magento Cloud Edition: $198 
  • Installation Fee: +$19.80

Compatible: Magento CE, EE 2.0.x – 2.4.x

Customer Service: 

  • Lifetime Free Upgrade
  • 3-month Support (Extra Cost required for a longer period)
  • One Time Payment
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Demo: live demo

6. MageWorx’s File Downloads and Product Attachments for Magento 2


With this extension, store owners can attach downloadable files on any product, category, or CMS page to provide the most informative page for the clients. They can choose to display or hide files from different customer groups and adjust different store views for business purposes. This module even offers the ability to add files to pages included by third-party programs that work with Magento 2.

Highlight Features:

  • Multiple attachments upload option for bulk upload
  • Downloadable files of any file format for any site page
  • Permission management to grant/limit access to files
  • Basic analytics for file download tracking and stats
  • Files in order emails to download after purchase
  • GraphQL and 2 REST API  support 
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Venia, ScandiPWA, Hyva-themes


  • Community Edition: $149 
  • Enterprise Edition: $298 
  • Magento Cloud Edition: $298 
  • Professional Installation: +$69

Compatible: Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Customer Service:

  • Lifetime access to the source code
  • Free 1-year updates and support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Demo: Frontend | Backend

7. FMEExtensions’ Product Attachments for Magento 2


To understand a product before buying it, customers need to access its full features, manuals, tutorials, or policies. FMEExtensions’ Magento 2 Product Attachments let you upload all those files in PDF, Doc, XLS, and other formats to product and CMS pages, as well as make file icons more appealing with easy customization. You can manage the files and their limited distribution. This helps to enrich your page content along with optimizing customers’ experience. 

Highlight Features:

  • Attach multiple files on product & CMS pages
  • Separate files download page with categories
  • Support multiple file types
  • Display attractive icons
  • Restrict attachments by customer groups & store view
  • Set download limit & display download counter
  • Drag & drop to upload files


  • Community Edition: $99.99 
  • Enterprise Edition: $299.99 
  • Premium Installation: +$45.00 

Compatible: Magento CE, EE 2.1.x – 2.4.x

Customer Service:

  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Supports
  • 45-day Money-back guarantee

Demo: here

8. MageAnts’ Product Attachments For Magento 2


MageAnts’ Magento 2 Product Attachments allows store owners to upload extra product details with images or PDF files with no defined limit to assigning multiple files to one single product. With this module, online retailers can make their stores more informative and further enlighten their buyers. This extension also allows hiding important information to make the attachments more exclusive.

Highlight Features:

  • Upload, edit, delete and manage file attachments
  • Displays product details in various formats
  • Attach single or multiple files attachments to the product
  • Allow unlimited product attachments
  • Attractive icons to display various product attachments
  • Add a URL along with file attachments
  • Restrict attachments for certain customer groups and store views


  • Community Edition: $49 
  • Enterprise Edition: $ 149 
  • Installation Fee: +$30

Compatible: Magento CE, EE 2.0.x – 2.4.x

Customer Service:

  • Free Updates
  • 3-month Support (Extra Cost required for a longer period)
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Demo: Frontend | Backend

9. LandofCode’s Magento 2 Product Attachments


A highly informative and useful product page can make both sellers and customers more confident in convincing and purchasing the products. Therefore, the Magento 2 Product Attachments extension from LandofCode allows store admins to attach essential files to the page with no limit and assign one attachment to multiple products. Also, they can include and change the icons of the documents so that clients would know the sort of file they tend to open or download.

Highlight Features:

  • Support diverse downloadable file formats
  • Upload attachments by Drag-and-drop
  • Upload file attachments directly or by using links
  • View attachments in order page & product page
  • Assign a single attachment to many products
  • Restrict by customer groups and store views 
  • Manage and expand the icon list effortlessly


  • Free license (no support)
  • Include Premium Installation: +$55

Compatible: Magento CE, EE 2.2.x – 2.4.x

Customer Service: only for buying the “Extended Support Package

  • Lifetime Free Upgrade
  • 12-month Support 
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Demo: Frontend | Backend

10. Magezon’s Magento 2 Product Attachments


With Magezon’s Product Attachments extension, you can add extra files to a product page so that customers may view and download them to learn more about your items. Customers will be more likely to order your goods, and they will have a better post-purchase experience. Admins can also attach unlimited files of various formats and bulk import the attachments Via CSV.

Highlight Features:

  • Display Attachments On Product Pages
  • Display Attachments On the Order View Page & Confirmation Email
  • Attach Unlimited Files Of Various Formats
  • Display Icons Matching Each Attachment Type
  • Group Attachments By Category
  • View Report On Attachment Downloads
  • Bulk Import Attachments Via CSV
  • Compatible With Single Product Page Builder


  • Community Edition: $129 
  • Enterprise Edition: $ 329 
  • Installation Fee: +$50

Compatible: Magento CE, EE 2.0.x – 2.4.x

Customer Service:

  • Free Lifetime Update
  • 90-day Free Support (Extra Cost required for a longer period)
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Demo: live demo


Since the default Magento 2 does not support attaching files to the product page, you should equip your store with such functionality by using an extension exclusively for it. The Magento 2 Product Attachments extension is developed by various providers, each with significant strengths and different prices catered to your requirements. Now it’s your job to evaluate which one can give you suitable features, as well as good customer support. Also, consider your business sizes and types to opt for an extension with affordable plans and optimized costs. After installation, your stores can surely expect customer satisfaction and an increase in orders. 

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