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Best Selling Mega Menu Extensions for Magento 2

The most popular extensions to create a Mega Menu for your Magento 2 store

Browsing a store with thousands of products and bulky categories can be overwhelming and cause shoppers to leave without making purchases. As a result, simplifying your navigation bar can improve customer experience to keep them sticking around and spend more. If you are looking for a more user-friendly, accessible and touch ready menu for your Magento store, a mega menu should be the right solution. A mega menu is the full-width dropdown menu in a navigation bar with the ability to accommodate a large number of options or for revealing lower-level site pages at a glance. The fastest way to convert your existing default Magento menu into a mega menu is using an extension. Mega menu extensions allow you to create multi-column expandable menu with links, descriptions, images, icons and custom content for your Magento store. Listed in this post are the most popular available options to display mega menu in Magento 2.x. You can find the best selling Mega menu extensions for Magento 2 here:
Best Magento 2 Mega menu extensions

1. Magento 2 Mega Menu by BSS Commerce – $35

Mega Menu for Magento 2 by BSS Commerce lets you design the menu by freely customizing menu URL, inserting various label to highlight menu items and inserting static blocks for better website navigation

  • Freely customize Menu URL: category link or custom link
  • Freely insert static blocks into menu
  • Insert labels to highlight menu items. For example: Hot, New, Sale
  • Provide 3 sub-menu levels
  • Support 3 types of sub-menu: classic, category listing, and content
  • Allow adding, delete and edit menu items
  • Compatible with Hyva theme

2. UB Mega Menu by UberTheme – $139

UB mega menu is developed from the ground up. Simple yet powerful enough to create highly customisable mega menu, either horizontal or vertical for your Magento 2 store. With many goodies in place like Drag n Drop admin interface, flexible configuration options, you can show off your product categories and sub-categories in a multi-column drop down menu. You can promote items, banners and clips right in the Mega Menu, just a few clicks away.

  • Responsive ready
  • Support Horizontal and vertical menu layout
  • Visual and friendly user and innovative backend interface — Drag n Drop (NEW)
  • Support custom static blocks (defined via admin) where you can set featured products / categories in menu content
  • 10+ navigation effects upon hover etc,
  • Configurable attributes for columns (size, number of column etc.,)
  • Manage category items shown in category menu type
  • Support multiple websites, store views
  • Support multiple languages
  • Support custom style for each menu group and menu item of your mega menu, with additional css class code
  • Support 3 types of menu: Custom Link, CMS Page and Categories
  • Configurable font awesome or uploaded custom icon
  • Implement ajax-based category listing (admin)
  • Enhancement with simplified TinyMCE editor
  • Allow to import your category tree recursively, either all or specific categories

3. Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension by MageDelight – $149

Create dynamic navigation mega menu and display anywhere in Magento store to provide a fast and flexible way to access different pages across the website
  • Link categories, CMS pages, external URLs and static blocks to menu items
  • Display images and videos in mega menu to build up robust branding
  • Create sticky menu
  • Apply different animations effect for effective visual appeal
  • Apply different design types (horizontal, vertical, drill down)
  • Drag & drop menu items to sort them in menu
  • Place mega menu anywhere within the site

4. Mega Menu by Magenest – $169

Magento 2 Mega Menu is an extension developed by Magenest, which helps manage categories and products on your Magento 2 store more effectively. You can create, set up a new menu (a mega menu or fly-out menu) and customize menu items with ease:
  • Adding pages into menu.
  • Adding categories into menu.
  • Adding links into menu.
  • Adding texts into menu.
  • Setting up mega menu or fly-out menu.
  • Customizing menu items.

5. Advanced Mega Menu Manager for Magento 2 by Blackbird – €149

Key element of any eCommerce sites, the Mega Menu improves the user experience by helping visitors to find what they need in a more intuitive way. Advanced Mega Menu Manager is a flexible multi-menu manager for Magento 2.
Create all sorts of menus with a large choice of custom nodes:

  • Custom link (link)
  • Product (link)
  • Category (link)
  • Group (node group)
  • CMS blocks (renderer)
  • CMS page (link)
  • Content & Content List (link)

6. Mega Menu Extension for Magento 2 by Cmsmart – $106.85

Magento Mega Menu Extension allows both user and administrator to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly optimizing your website navigation performance.
  • Allow block for menu
  • 7 types of mega menu
  • Easily to install in custom theme
  • Responsive menu
  • Color settings
  • Optimize options with menu
  • Flexible menu with horizontal vertical and both
  • Allow to set menu item position

7. Mega Menu Extension for Magento 2 by Rootways – $49

Rootways Mega Menu is a Magento 2 extension, and it is your easy and fast solution to create the best sitemap right on the main navigation of your Magento 2 website.
  • Create mega menu by just selecting mega menu types.
  • Manage design from admin.
  • Set number of columns.
  • Set content at top, bottom, left and right.
  • Category icon and label.
  • Automatic height adjustment.
  • Custom links to mega menu.
  • Display category and content section in specific width.
  • Delay dropdown hover.
  • Compatible with any touch device.
  • Open dropdown at left or right side.
  • Update content on hover.
*All pricing listed in this post includes 6-month support.

Marketing Executive/ Product Designer at SimiCart

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Mark Henry
Mark Henry
3 years ago

Great Job Perry! Thanks for sharing. I’d also like to recommend you to add one in your list which is Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension. It helps to create different types of menu items like Default, Full Width, or Static Width for top-level categories. Also, store owners can also this module to promote items, banners, and clips right in the Mega Menu.